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    Your Disney Memorabilia

    budget cuts... the characters are being forced to do their own animations now... :)
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    So... a Splash Mountain log sank..

    Instagram twitter have exploded over the last 5 years, we have also become a culture that records every second of our life and likes to show how great we are and how cool we are and have to post everything. And don't forget the monorail stuff from a few years ago. But go back to 70s 80s and...
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    So... a Splash Mountain log sank..

    Imagine all of the amazing stuff that happened prior to cell phones and social media, where anything that happens is instantly able for public consumption. I am sure there is some really cool stuff in peoples photo albums that they took on the 35mm, or they didnt want to waste the cost of film...
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    What is the history of Figment and Journey Into Imagination?

    Its not just the current version is horrible. Its an ok ride. But it would be like taking expedition everest removing all the foliage no longer going in the mountain and having a guy in a bad gorilla suit yell boo at the end. the original ride made you want a stuffed figment and you could spend...
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    Splash Mountain Condition?

    i would hope in todays age if they closed 20,000 they would make a big deal about it. Sell i rode the final voyage tshirts magic bands and pins. I mean they really could make a ton on merch on the last year or month of an attraction, let alone people coming to ride it one last time. But it...
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    TSI Meltdown Heard Around The Park

    sounds domestic, of course there is more of that than you think.. either issues from home come on vacation, they are the people that communicate that way, or the whole this costs a fortune, work is still calling me, my kids are crying, my wife is mad at me that im trying to set a budget, the...
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    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    i havent been there yet, but is the land big enough for a huge event? (precovid of course) im thinking star wars weekends type size
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    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    i assume that eventually now, with all of the covid stuff im sure alot of stuff is delayed. Although they are already having characters hanging out just where you cant hug or touch them. I say this because the book was probably written prior to the covid epidemic, as books are written well...
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    What Disney movie needs a dark ride

    Fox and the hound and wall-e
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    Peoplemover closed for refurbishment

    thank you for responding so quickly, so as far as you know unless something major changes shes not being mothballed? If so youre my new favorite person
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    Peoplemover closed for refurbishment

    @marni1971 can you give us any good news on this?
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    Peoplemover closed for refurbishment

    im hoping the backlash and nostalgia for disneylands people mover makes them keep it. Disneyland people are still mad and the empty tracks remind everyone daily (well when its open)
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    Peoplemover closed for refurbishment

    man i hope they dont use the technical issues as a reason to get rid of it, ive been scared for months and its getting worse
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    Horse gets tangled with Balloon

    i was going to ask if they look for people with lots of equestrian experience for these roles, because they are animals anything can happen, I mean the headless horsemans horse has fallen at least once. What a beautiful and well trained horse btw.... even though it was rightfully spooked it...
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    The Red Button Option

    i have no idea why you guys are being scaredy cats.... i have no problem going anywhere. I did just get my new vacation outfit though.....
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