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  1. PolynesianPrincess

    Upgrade to AP and FL resident questions

    As a Florida resident each adult would need to provide proof of Florida residency. So your dad wouldn't be able to buy them for you, only for himself.
  2. PolynesianPrincess

    At what time should I schedule my first FP?

    This is exactly what I do. As soon as I scan my MB for the current FP, I try and move the next one up. If I've used the 3rd FP, then I start searching for the next FP as soon as I scan my MB. I'll continue to do that for each ride. Saturday afternoon I was riding solo before DME picked me up and...
  3. PolynesianPrincess

    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    They had them last week because people were walking to the skyliner station in the back of the park only to be told it was down. This happened after Epcot closed so no one was able to go back into the park to get up front to get the buses. They were directing people over to Boardwalk to get a...
  4. PolynesianPrincess

    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    Well thank you for that analysis. I always wondered how those things worked. Obviously I know they don't speed up as they enter the station.. It just feels like it does to me because the gondolas in front of you have slowed down and you're coming in at an angle.
  5. PolynesianPrincess

    Does the recent Skyliner accident change your mind about staying at a Skyliner resort?

    You take a chance of getting stuck on every single ride you board at Walt Disney World. Also with the monorail. There is nothing at WDW that isn't immune to getting stuck. Not even the buses (accidents?) are 100% guaranteed to give you a ride where you couldn't possibly be involved in a...
  6. PolynesianPrincess

    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    Oh I agree they will fix this for sure. The monorail has crashed before.. it happens. Just the fact I'm afraid of heights plus this makes me a little more nervous than I had been. But honestly the ride is so smooth! I rode it Saturday afternoon and there was a pretty decent breeze going on and...
  7. PolynesianPrincess

    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    We rode the skyliner last week and those gondolas come in HOT into the stations. The first station we went into, I screamed because I thought we were going to hit the one in front of us. They brake very fast and at the last minute almost. I'm afraid of heights as it is, so this definitely...
  8. PolynesianPrincess

    Has Disney Pricing Increases/Atmosphere Cuts Altered YOUR FAMILIES WDW Attendance?

    We used to go 3 times a year, now we go twice. We used to splurge at deluxe resorts now and then and other than Kidani Villas savannah view last year (which we got a ridiculous discount) we only go value, sometimes moderate. We've even started using my Mom's Marriott points at the Swan and...
  9. PolynesianPrincess

    New Rule: For orders placed after 10/1, guests must be present to meet mobility vendor deliverypersons

    People should have to be there to accept their delivery. You know darn straight if someone received their delivery of groceries and they weren't right, they would go right after bell services for it. DME baggage is one thing. They already have full rooms of people storing their luggage they...
  10. PolynesianPrincess

    You're Not Visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom, But You Should Be

    Animal Kingdom has always been a park we've only visited once a trip. Over the years, as myself and my traveling companions have gotten older and our touring style has changed, we've started to allow ourselves more time there. There's so much detail and so much more to see that definitely makes...
  11. PolynesianPrincess

    Hitchhiking Ghosts popcorn buckets at MK

    Hey yall! Headed down to the World tomorrow and I know the ghost popcorn buckets / sippers have been seen at MK early on during the Halloween parties but I was wondering if anyone has seen them recently. If so, has it been during the parties or regular park hours? I have searched online and...
  12. PolynesianPrincess

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    THANK YOU!!! :)
  13. PolynesianPrincess

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

  14. PolynesianPrincess

    News Tomorrowland love

    Personally I like it! I think if the land gets a whole facelift to go with that sign, with the addition of Tron and with how sleek Space Mountain is, it will fit well. Right now with the rest of the land like it is, it looks weird! I wish they would bring back the spires!!
  15. PolynesianPrincess

    Entertainment cuts

    When did anyone ever say the Muppet show was more relevant? Just because people like it more doesn't mean they think its more relevant. And I never said that Disney would be EXACTLY like Six Flags but if Disney keeps taking entertainment away, they might as well be Six Flags!
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