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    Pre-Trip Will July Happen... do we want it to??

    We have reservations for POFQ in September along w/ tickets purchased...we had to bump our April out for obvious reasons. I will be curious to hear what you think of the reservation process for the parks, and how many people are actually allowed in each park. Disney did cancel our dining...
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    Trip Report You and me, we're in a club now! *COMPLETE*

    Bummer about your knee. I hope it didn't hinder you too much the next day. Totally understanding the tears too...been there and done that...momentary mortification of myself always gets me teary for a little bit before I suck it up as gracefully as possible. Sounds like you did a great job...
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    Trip Report A long overdue August 2017 Trip Report

    I'm loving your pics. Such vibrant colors! Following along.
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    Trip Report Tales From the Two Goofs Vault

    It looks like you're throwing Jiminy up in the air instead of catching him, and A is just appalled that you would do such a thing...LOL! :hilarious:
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    Trip Report Rise of the Popcorn Bucket

    Even as an adult I've reverted back to a child by keeping my hands in my pockets when I have to be out and about. I think I will attempt that mentality for our trip in September (fingers crossed), but I'm betting they are still going to have the Purell stations out in force all over the parks.
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    Trip Report Rise of the Popcorn Bucket

    Reminds me of this meme I saw the other day...LOL!! :hilarious:
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    Trip Report Pics of Trip Reports past

    This is the Disney Dream Suite at DLR. I took S on the Walking in Walt's Footsteps tour for his birthday a few years ago. We didn't get to see Walt's apartment above the fire station, but we did get to walk around the Dream Suite. This was the only place they allowed pics to be taken. The...
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    Trip Report The Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Trip Report *Complete*

    Yes...I couldn't help myself either. Great costumes you guys!! I still at work myself, so I'm not too stir crazy. But I did bring the fur babies in to work one day to break it up a bit for myself and coworkers.
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    Trip Report March 5-14, 2020: Our Return to WDW and the "Hips and Elbows People, Hips and Elbows!" edition

    Ditto what @John Dulmage said. Awesome shot!! Definitely got a giggle at work from that one. :hilarious:
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    Trip Report Pics of Trip Reports past

    This was our first day in the parks from a couple of years ago. My luggage had gotten lost, so I was stuck wearing my glasses for the day. Lesson learned from this trip was that my contacts and bite guard fly are in my bag that stays with me. LOL! We are in the back...I didn't fully realize...
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    Trip Report Pics of Trip Reports past

    DLR Haunted Mansion Christmas overlay. Not my favorite because it sticks around just a little too long, but it's still fun to find all of the differences in the house.
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    Trip Report Pics of Trip Reports past

    My favorite holiday overlay. IASW tends to creep me out a bit because I've gotten stuck in the white room for a while before, but I don't mind the holiday version at all.
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    Trip Report Pics of Trip Reports past

    I took this on my last trip to WDW a couple of years ago. S wasn't feeling too hot, so I hopped on a boat from the Poly to MK to go on a few rides that S doesn't appreciate quite as much as I do. It was a nice quiet evening for a solo walk around the park. I had never done that before, and I...
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    Trip Report Pics of Trip Reports past

    Good morning all. My name is Kim and I'm a Disney-holic. It has been 686 days since I have last stepped foot on a Disney property. I am definitely going through withdrawals, but then again I'm betting ALL of us magicians are in the same boat right about now. We had a trip planned for next...
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    Trip Report THE ONE...(February 2020)*COMPLETE*

    Okay...he may not look like 20-something Vinny, but I say he still looks like GROWN-UP Vinny. ;)
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