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Recent content by ohioguy

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    Disney World Low Attendance Paradox

    It's the economy. It's showing signs of consumer stress.
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    Frontierland vs Liberty Square

    Tom Sawyer island is so unique, I would hate to lose it. Wasn't this Walt's last attraction he had a hand in? And the Liberty Boat is a great ride after a nice lunch or dinner. Since there is no western-themed IP coming, and Disney is obsessed with IP right now, I think we can forget about...
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    Abigail Disney speaking out about Igers salary

    All CEOs in America are over-compensated. If you look at executive pay in other countries, it doesn't come near the largesse bestowed upon American titans of commerce. This started happening in the 1970s, and became more commonplace by the 2000s after years of tickle-down, tax schemes, and...
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    The Status of Muppet*Vision 3D

    What would be cool is if they would build a 5th themed park based on Star Wars, with Galaxy's Edge serving as a precursor and connector to the new park. The other park would be accessible by its own entrance OR via a transport of some sort between the parks. There's no rule against having two...
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    Do men NEVER stand up for women anymore??

    I used to do this -- was taught by my mother to do this. But I've been scolded too many times to even offer anymore. I still ask elderly women if they would like to sit; they don't attack you like a snarling dog. But if the lady is under 60? Forget it. Common courtesy goes both ways... if I...
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    "Why Walt Disney World's Tower Of Terror Could Be In Trouble Because Of The New Twilight Zone"

    Put a dark elevator scene in an upcoming Disney animated flick and viola! instant re-theme...
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    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    So glad they are finally doing this. About time! Abuse of this benefit is just another example of entitlement in a world gone mad with trying to one-up the system.
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    Public libraries

    In Celebration: http://www.osceolalibrary.org/West-Osceola-Library
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    MK, wow.. you amaze me

    Get...rid...of...them.... Ha!
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    News Figment Survey Questions are Back, But with very different/tricky wording!

    We sould be petitioning for Figment to finally be given his own animated show on the Disney Channel/new streaming service; or be named as a character in the sequel to Inside Out
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    Should Disney get rid of the monorails?

    Probably cheaper to remove the monorail than you think; certainly cheaper than tearing down 3/4 of a theme park (DHS)
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    Should Disney get rid of the monorails?

    That's it! Use the PeopleMover system, with an enclosed track to avoid the elements.
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    Should Disney get rid of the monorails?

    Not a surprise. No one would have had the need to use that line on you. They wouldn't have texted in the first place.
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