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    can Disney bring it all back.. or have they gone TOO FAR...

    It's a shame Steve Jobs isn't still alive... he would have made the perfect CEO. He knew how to make money, maintain quality, AND keep a loyal customer base. I could have seen him moving over to Disney in his latter years and aiming for a vision. If they can find someone of that caliber, then...
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    News Bob Iger is back! Chapek is out!!

    Apparently, Chapek was cooking the books at Disney. No wonder he got ousted!: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/bob-chapek-shifted-budgets-to-disguise-disney-s-massive-monetary-losses/ar-AA14xEk1
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    News Bob Iger is back! Chapek is out!!

    Totally unexpected news, but thankfully the Board is doing their job and protecting the company. Chapek obviously wasn't ready (and may never have been) for the position. I figured Iger might be running for President but money talks. We need a visionary like Eisner again.
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    WSJ: Disney Downtime increases as cost of visiting goes up

    There's pressure on publicly-trade companies to please their real customers: stockholders. Stockholders are increasingly demanding more and more returns. In the past, a modest profit was considered a good thing; now investors want 100% year-over-year, product and service be damned. It's...
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    IASW Introducing Dolls in Wheelchairs

    I just find it amusing that people are fine with disability representation but not the representation of other cultures elsewhere (the Splash Mountain conversion). It's the same concept: Disney is updating the ride to reflect modern society. Now before we get the obvious "But 'Small World' is...
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    News Walt Disney World Christmas holidays 2022

    No real need to remove them. They don't detract from your experience (*cough* pink birthday cake castle *cough*) and give a shout-out to the characters whose popularity helps fund the park. Win-Win.
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    Contemporary $970 RIPOFF

    Disney is relying on location and legacy to sell the price for what is basically a lackluster hotel. The recent renovations are comical; the theming to The Incredibles is all wrong. At this level, do they only do housekeeping every other day, as well? One could really make this a...
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    Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom

    Expectations are just disappointments waiting to happen.
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    News Zootpoia and Moana Blue Sky concepts for Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Zootopia is the natural IP for Animal Kingdom, especially if they are looking for a thrill section to replace the Dinoland area. I can't be the only one that sees this.
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    Magic Kingdom TSRs adding liquor drinks

    Maybe alcohiol will calm some people down in the Magic Kingdom? Is that why fights don't happen at World Showcase? Some people will have an even better time in the MK with the booze!
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    Fire at Epcot

    Judging from the comments that regularly appear about EPCOT, I'm sure some were hoping the whole place would burn down .... (yes...it's sarcasm...)
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    Speedway has got to go

    Kids love it. Remember, the primary focus of MK is family. I think a new, updated track system and vehicle design would be welcome.
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