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    News Lucky Brand at Disney Springs to close

    Since they went bankrupt and were bought any store not making money or in a mall of the new owners was bound to be closed down.
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    Morocco Pavilion facing financial troubles

    Well I guess the souk will be full of plush and t-shirts soon enough, with the current quality of Disney merch at least it will look realistic as a lot of North African tourist souks are full of bad looking fakes. I wonder if other counties third parties will pull out if the low attendance...
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    AstraZeneca Begins Final Trials of Oxford University.

    Trump has nothing to do with it, it's most likely the Brits are ones who are going to get the first vaccine as the first post says Oxford it's not in the US.
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    Tourist brought AR-15 rifle, handgun to Disney World over worries about Orlando protests - Orlando Sentinel

    What kind of country has people that have to carry guns to feel safe?!? I thought trump had a name for these kind of counties...... I think it was something holes
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    News PHOTOS - New look Magic Kingdom auto-plaza shares similar color scheme with Cinderella Castle

    I thought they planned to demolish this toll plaza and move it to a different location as part of the road improvements?
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    Oh no, say it ain't so, Joe..

    Yeah this definitely happened. I was at the same event actually (great canapes) and met Joe and had a chat with him, it went something like this. Me "Hi Joe, what do you think of Ira West?" Joe "Who the hell are you?" Me explaining who I am Joe "Still no idea who you are but I will tell you...
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    News Structure built in Kilimanjaro Safaris?

    Disney seems to have no clue how windows or doors operate lately, see Rat at Epcot and the nonsensical door.
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    Yehaa Bob

    None of these types of entertainment will ever come back to Disney. People will soon have to accept that the Disney of the past which has been dying a slow death for 20+ years has finally died of COVID. The Disney parks moving forward will not relate to the past ways of operation with...
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    Voyage of the Little Mermaid is done, won't reopen with the parks.

    Newly refreshed poster looks good, has the OP managed to wipe all the egg from their face yet I wonder.
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    News Hurricane Isaias possible impacts to the theme parks

    Yeah it's hard to move on from something that appeared in a park for a few months 15 years ago, I frequently cry myself to sleep over him.
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    Any word on the scanning machine for bag check

    These Evolve scanners seem to be used at a lot of schools in the US from what I see online, if schools can get them surely a company the size of Disney can afford them. What a sad place where kids have to be scanned entering school, I am sure the kids know more about them than adults.
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    Hi, long time no talk. New 50th parade cancelled.

    LiterallyAnybody could she guessed this. Hardly news since no parade was announced. The quality of threads here has gone down hill over the years.
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    Disney Channels in UK to close and shows will move to Disney+

    From the 1st October all Disney channel's in the UK will close and the content will moved to Disney+ as the company has failed to reach new agreements with Sky & Virgin.
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    World Showcase to be staffed by American CMs

    I totally agree
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