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  1. Nottamus

    Iconic Purple Directional Signs Being Replaced

    Thank you!! That was some great information. The purple signs will always be “Disney” to me because we drive in and seeing those signs made me feel “on property” we also loved AKL rooms before they painted the walls white which diminished the character of the room some. I am sure that was done...
  2. Nottamus

    Iconic Purple Directional Signs Being Replaced

    I have a question : or two How long WERE the signs the purple color? What were they before? (If there was a different color)
  3. Nottamus

    Iconic Purple Directional Signs Being Replaced

    Disney world: fixing the unbroken again
  4. Nottamus

    If you could change one realistic thing at Disney World right now, what would it be?

    Pandora’s box has opened , but if there was a way, Genie+ needs to go back in park hopping need to go back regular no park reservations Mexico quick service Cantina - please go back to the churros you had like 4 years ago. The one with the sauce. Make it happen
  5. Nottamus

    DVC Website

    Like posted up above somewhere about digital DVC cards, it’s like Disney didn’t put a bunch of thought into it and just made it happen we are grandfathered in resale Owners and There’s a glitch DVC fully knows about to where we are set up to rcv no DVC discount on magic mobile card no...
  6. Nottamus

    Getting frustrated with trying to get through on phone.

    I know times are tough, staffing is, I’m sure very short handed, but the level of help has declined a little. I went in expecting that, but still had to let the cast member hang up because I couldn’t get the help needed for my situation. i know the CM was trying, just couldn’t help. my wife...
  7. Nottamus

    News EPCOT International Festival of the Arts 2022

    What the….? In 6 months, most will be floating in the big ole plastic island in the Pacific.
  8. Nottamus

    Bob Iger Stepping Down, Bob Chapek New CEO

    I read in an accompanying story that his contract is to 2/2023 Does that mean he could be gone in just 13 months? (asking for another CEO)
  9. Nottamus

    You're going to pay to ride.

    5-10 days, 5-10 years - I really don’t think i will ever purchase Just did two weeks in November and never purchased or needed to. I do agree that in 5-10 years, most will pay because they don’t know any different.
  10. Nottamus

    Waterstar Orlando Project

    Problem solved…?
  11. Nottamus

    Waterstar Orlando Project

    Ya know, it could be worse there’s plenty of rooms and views in AKL that break the immersion. DVC club level 6th floor savanna side- you can totally see the Target and others retail locations in distance as mentioned above - some standard views you can see stuff 99.9% of the time at AKL, I...
  12. Nottamus

    Waterstar Orlando Project

    Maybe this will hide those towers from what I’m guessing is a catapult for people over at that water park that you can see every time driving back to AKL. hide one atrocity with another
  13. Nottamus

    So who is going?

    We will go. We spend less on things. just got back from a 14 night stay where we only had one table service meal- and I was good with that! Lots of QS and food and wine - saves lots there. never purchased Genie anything and still managed to do what we wanted to do. We are pretty sure there...
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