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  1. nngrendel

    Resort Pictures of the Day

    Bridge from PoP to AoA.
  2. nngrendel

    Resort Pictures of the Day

    I took this picture two years ago today. Really miss POP. Hope to return next year in Sept.
  3. nngrendel

    A bit of advice...I Won't be popular for this

    All this hate for Frozen. Its not my favorite and there are many many other Disney movies that put this one to shame. Everyone needs to just... Let it go. Let it go!! :p:D
  4. nngrendel

    2015 packages now available for booking!!

    Received my pricing for Sept 2015 dates today! Now I can start really pin pointing what dates we want to go during the Food and Wine festival. Also looking at upgrading to a AP during this trip. Thank you Ashley for sending me the pricing well before I got into the office today!
  5. nngrendel

    My hubby 1st trip

    http://www.wdwmagic.com/recreation/horse-drawn-carriage-ride.htm Here is the link. Cant remember how much it cost but we went shopping at Downtown. After shopping we took the boat transport to Riverside which is very close where you start the carriage ride. Be sure to make advanced...
  6. nngrendel

    What to do throughout the Year

    We live just east of Atlanta and takes roughly 6 hours for us. Not that bad of a trip but I can always leave in the morning and by 3pm I am usually checking in and inside Epcot well before dinner. We have been with 5 kids and know how to eat and get things on the cheap so thats not a issue for...
  7. nngrendel

    How Many Days for you Part 10

    I havent visited this thread in quite awhile because I dont have any trips booked yet. So when I make a point to visit and this is the first thing I see...... LOLLLLOLL. Cant wait to be back here....
  8. nngrendel

    What to do throughout the Year

    We were planning to go to the F&W next Sept anyway. So yes this is on the list. Braves Spring Training. Awesome. Didnt think of that and I live in Atlanta. o_O
  9. nngrendel

    What to do throughout the Year

    Have done the Star Wars Weekend before but will want to do that one again! Thanks! Going down on the list. Hope they have awesome guest that weekend for 2015.
  10. nngrendel

    What to do throughout the Year

    We have already attended the Halloween Party a couple times. Wanting to get the biggest bang for my buck if I do the AP and want to have a bucket list of events I dont want to miss during that year. Just in case I cant talk the wife into a renewal. :)
  11. nngrendel

    What to do throughout the Year

    Been really considering getting a AP sometime after Sept. Been trying to sweeten the deal with my wife and been naming things we could see and do that we haven't before. Like Flower and Garden and Christmas Party throughout the year. What are some of your favorite things and events to do...
  12. nngrendel

    Anxiously Awaiting....

    I am sort of anxious to finally see the dates show up online. I am looking at something mid Sept for Food and Wine however not a overly anxious as I may try and get a AP this year. If I do then it will be some time later that I actually book.
  13. nngrendel

    rates for 2015 release date?

    I have heard tomorrow as well. Some other post here. We shall see tomorrow! And if not tomorrow I will wait yet another day. So on and so forth.
  14. nngrendel

    Crazy Idea!

    Thats great that the expiration date will be a year from first use! Thanks for the info. Bummer about the Dining plan but love the idea of Tables in Wonderland. The short trips will be to attend certain events like Flower and Garden and such. Mainly to get my Epcot fix! :) However the...
  15. nngrendel

    Crazy Idea!

    Been waiting on the 2015 dates to come out and its left me lots of time to think of my plan of attack for my upcoming trip. We want to come up next September to the Food and Wine Festival. Just my wife and I and possibly some friends will join us. I live right outside of Atlanta, GA so driving...
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