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Recent content by nick99nack

  1. nick99nack

    Unpopular Disney World Opinions

    Don't do that! I like parades because they tend to draw crowds away from other areas of the park. I take advantage and go to the less crowded areas during those times. Mine: 1. The Peter Pan ride is overrated (way too short). 2. The Great Movie Ride was awesome, and if it received some updates...
  2. nick99nack

    News Mickey and Minnie are not popular anymore

    A lot of people hate the new style animation, including me. Goofy looks homeless. I suspect the current lull in Mickey and Minnie sales is related to the Star Wars boom (People keep saying it's a failure, but I don't see it). People have limited souvenir budgets - if they're spending money on...
  3. nick99nack

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    9 days! Made it to single digits!!
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