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Recent content by Nerdman3000

  1. Nerdman3000

    Rumor Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    I just realized, but we’re probably going to see the return of these guys, the Greek actors, with the upcoming Spaceship Earth refurb, since it’s focused on storytelling: My inner imagineer dream/hope’s that since it looks like Disney is planning to add some IP parts to the ride, that maybe...
  2. Nerdman3000

    Pixar's Onward

    Funny enough, and slightly ironic considering the later parts of the trailer feature a kind of 'modern day Fantasy' idea, but the moment I saw the unicorns and Mermaids, the first thing I had thought of was that this turns out to be really successful and Disney wants to add a new land to DAK in...
  3. Nerdman3000

    News Spaceship Earth is Leaking

    Some someone on Twitter is saying that they heard that not only has the Greece scene been effected, but that it’s been partially damaged somehow, though no clue on how extensive. Also someone who had to leave the ride when it closed earlier that he noted it felt like they were rushing guests...
  4. Nerdman3000

    Can Beastly Kingdom Happen Today?

    I didn't literally mean today. :rolleyes: I meant more in this day and age.
  5. Nerdman3000

    Can Beastly Kingdom Happen Today?

    I know this thread is a few years old, but it discusses the relevant question I have and I'd rather not make a thread containing the same question: anyways, could Beastly Kingdom, or a new version of the concept be still made today, in the area currently occupied by the Wildlife Express Train to...
  6. Nerdman3000

    Could Disney's Infamous Cost Cutting Strategy Have Been Avoided in the 1990s despite the failure of Euro Disneyland?

    So I've been thinking lately on some of the stuff we never got from Disney, like Westcot, Beastly Kingdom, Tomorrowland 2055, etc. Now I know a big reason we never got that stuff in the mid to late 1990s was because of the financial failure of Euro Disneyland. This has got me wondering, and I...
  7. Nerdman3000

    Is maintenance as bad today as in the 90's?

    Serious, the Auctioneer and Ursula must have really p***ed off the Queen of Hearts. Though in light of them losing their heads, the Auctioneer in particular, I wonder if that will cause the Refurbishment of PotC to start even earlier. But yeah, for two animatronics to lose their heads in...
  8. Nerdman3000

    Pre-Trip My 1st Disney Christmas!! :)

    Pretty bad. MK is filled to the brim with people. Only time I’ve ever seen it worse was a few years ago when I went during New Years.
  9. Nerdman3000

    Pre-Trip My 1st Disney Christmas!! :)

    Cool for you. Funny enough I’m currently at Epcot itself at the moment. Typing this in front of Journey into Imagination with Figmant in fact.
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