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    NBA experience opening at Disney Springs

    Doesn't Iger love sports and hate theme parks? That may be why.
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    Coco ride? (Image on new Imagineering Site)

    Maybe it's geographic or demographic. My girls (10 and 12) saw it when it came out and were 'one and done'. They nor their friends liked it or talk about it for some reason. Seems most of the other Pixar movies we purchased on Blu-Ray after seeing but not that one. I have never seen it so...
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    Disney’s Fiscal Full Year and Q4 2019 Earnings Webcast

    Fine to offer both, but I will be snagging wads of napkins from the nearest restaurant before a bathroom trip if the paper towels go away. I should clarify since this is a pet peeve of mine. Restrooms that have no doors - no problem, but I will not touch a door handle after washing my hands...
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    News WDW Food and Beverage Price Increases 10/1/2019

    This! When I used to travel for work, it annoyed me to no end when we went to great foodie cities and the people in my group wanted to go to Applebee's for dinner. I like quite a few WDW restaurants, but too many people keep ordering the same horrible 'burgers, fries and pizza' that they are...
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    News Walter E. Disney overhaul

    I have been working on my HO scale for 30 years. In fact I spent about six hours yesterday on it. My dad actively works on his O scale most days (he is retired). I have been doing mostly scratch built and custom stuff as of late so it's taking a lot of time. A couple of times I thought about...
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    Fuel Rod swaps now $3 at WDW

    More likely a class action suit would result in a refund of purchase price for those in the suit. Probably less than a dollar after legal and lawyer fees.
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    News Disney Villains After Hours coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Unfortunately so true. Looking back over the last 30 years, quite a few attractions and even whole parks have been added to the Orlando area, but crowds seem to increase faster than they can build. I'm not saying they shouldn't continue to add and I would love to see a fifth gate, but even if...
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    News Walter E. Disney overhaul

    I visit the Museum of Transportation in Saint Louis as often as I can (about 5 minutes from my work). A couple of years ago an employee asked me if I had any questions so I asked if they had any Vanderbilt Tenders. That must have been the magic password because I was whisked away to the hidden...
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    News The 'Disney Look' to be further relaxed at Walt Disney World

    This seems to be more and more the case unfortunately. It seems the average customer is expecting 'Six Flags' with Mickey Mouse plastered on everything even though they are spending thousands of dollars.
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    New Straws Incoming

    I hate paper straws, but honest silly question. If the straws were to be made exactly the same as the cups, wouldn't the straw last as long as the cup and be disposed/processed the same?
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    News Test Track Closing for Refurbishment January 2020

    I struggle with Test Track because I want to like it, but deep down I really don't. I did like 1.0 better but not as much as the original WOM. As much as I hate IP in Epcot, this is one ride I would have no problem with a Cars overlay.
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    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    Did we read the same statement? Because I read the statement as the manufacturer blaming processes and staff training, not equipment. And that Disney was going to improve training and communications to improve reliability.
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    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    No need to read the whole thing. It's like all of the other threads, Doom and Gloom, Pixie Dust, Alligators, politics... Who's to blame? the Bob's ? Unions ? Twitter ? Alligators ? Aliens ? (O.K. I just added that one for fun, but wait a minute...) Solutions? Tear it down! Put a strobe light...
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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    This is actually why they developed BB-8, to test the technology before they lifted the castle onto spaceship earth. It's all coming togrther.
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