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  1. myhappyplace

    Trip Report I still have a family (just) but what a totally different experience we had.

    Reading along and enjoying! Been there on large group trip--while it was fun, I much prefer our normal trips for sure! I felt like I had to try to please everyone! Excellent first day!
  2. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip Turn the Page

    My heart truly goes out to you and your wife, and I truly believe that this will be a healing trip. WDW has given me several emotional moments as I've remembered family members no longer with me, who enjoyed it as well. Enjoy your old traditions, and maybe even start a new one that represents...
  3. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Pixiedust & Wanderlust - Solo Trip - August '19 *COMPLETED*

    Following along, better late than never! Enjoying so far! I love the Burrata at WBG, too- had it for the first time and June and it was so fresh tasting!
  4. myhappyplace


    Only on page 4, so I'm catching up but wanted to say I call us Magic'ers. LOL. Never thought to call us Magicians (and count me in the club that didn't get it at first :banghead: ) Back to reading!
  5. myhappyplace

    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *AUGUST*

    Can't wait to read more!!
  6. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Marriage is a DREAM!

    DH has actually ordered a double portion of the pasta pursettes as his main course!! AP does have one of my fave desserts, the crunchy walnut cake.
  7. myhappyplace

    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *AUGUST*

    I've been lucky enough to meet several members here, but funny story. Back in the day, I belonged to a LOST forum, and met almost 20 of the forum members there in various places, including @Mrhappyplace himself!! It was so hard to explain to people that yes indeed, real people are behind those...
  8. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Marriage is a DREAM!

    Haha we had the same guide at the Queen's Staircase, I am sure!!
  9. myhappyplace

    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *AUGUST*

    IMO, they don't taste anywhere near as good, and I'm not just saying that because everything tastes better at Disney. The chocolate didn't seem....right. Not rich enough or something.
  10. myhappyplace

    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *AUGUST*

    Never had a Mickey bar?! I don't care for vanilla ice cream either, but I just eat all of the chocolate off and throw the rest away... And, no, you didn't miss much on Pirates.
  11. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip October 2019 - REDEMPTION TRIP

    On my trip with P, our Cali Grill Brunch was at 12:15 and it was still plenty stocked and all good!! I wasn't as impressed by Citricos. I mean, it was fine. Will be reading along!
  12. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Marriage is a DREAM!

    The Grand Marnier souffle is always a must-do for me!!
  13. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Jut on in! 40-year-old Best Friends' POFQ Trip, June 2019 *COMPLETED*

    Best friend trips are so fun! P says she would like DH and I to go at the same time as she and her wife sometime, which I think could be fun--time with hubby and time with bestie! We did, thank you for reading along! We had a blast!! I know, such a bummer. I would love to stay at POFQ...
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