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  1. myhappyplace

    Trip Report A Sweet 16 Weekend! This trip is all about Maddy!

    Looks like a wonderful, memorable trip for your daughter (Happy Birthday, Maddy!) I'm still getting used to the new castle, and sometimes it jars me when I see it in pictures, but yours make it seem that it's how it always looked! Very nice!
  2. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip D-Anon Conspiracy Theories

    Will there be any important calls on rides?
  3. myhappyplace

    Pre-Trip So...I guess I booked a Spring Break trip?

    Such a cute idea! And I LOVE your countdown chain! So doing this for my next trip, and I'm a grown adult!!
  4. myhappyplace

    Trip Report The ONE with the Bowl that was not so Super 🚽 2/5-2/9, 2021

    I don't always comment, but love your reports-- I'm here!
  5. myhappyplace

    Trip Report Masksgiving: a daring escape

    Yes! Please do, I highly enjoyed it!! Excellent report, all around-- I always enjoy your family! Looking forward to the rest.
  6. myhappyplace

    Trip Report This is the End, Beautiful Friend - October 2020 Trip

    Following along! Such beautiful pictures, and no we are NOT tired of empty Epcot pics!! :)
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