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  1. muddyrivers

    Spaceship Earth: Our Shared Story Canceled?

    Costs too much money, Chapek said no </sarcasm>
  2. muddyrivers

    Epcot's 40th Anniversary

    At the very least I would hope and expect that they play the original pavilion's BGM like they had done for a previous anniversary (hat tip to @marni1971 for helping make that happen!) I think one of the things unique about EPCOT is today's guests still in some ways yearn for some of the...
  3. muddyrivers

    Pre-Trip When We're Together - December 2021

    Absolutely love your trip reports. Can't wait to read how this trip works out for you!
  4. muddyrivers

    American Adventure Issues

    Again for those of you in the parks who see the show please go to Guest Services to formally register the issue with them. It not only shows that guests are noticing issues with the show, but that guests actually care about the show.
  5. muddyrivers

    So if you were there yesterday for the 50th, what did you think?

    I was wondering how people without smartphones will be able to continue operating at Disney Parks. It seems more and more Disney is forcing everything over to their app and making it more difficult to do the parks without a smartphone. However there are still a lot of people who either come...
  6. muddyrivers

    Electric/Hybrid Vehicle at WDW Resorts Question

    I quickly skimmed through this website with details about charging points throughout WDW: https://wanderdisney.com/electric-vehicle-charging-wdw/ It mentions ChargePoint chargers. I do not currently have a hybrid/EV so I don't know if those have a cost associated with them or how they work but...
  7. muddyrivers

    Early 2000’s Resort TV Host - know him?

    Mine too. I remember finding an MP3 in the early 00s of the "Zip a Dee Doo Dah, tip for today" line and setting that as my computer's startup sound to get a dose of Disney magic every morning. :D
  8. muddyrivers

    News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life

    I'm still surprised in today's world it wasn't kept as a health pavilion. There's initiatives to get kids outside to play for at least an hour a day, everyone has some sort of health tracker technology they wear (pedometer, heart rate tracker, blood glucose monitor, etc.). It seems now there is...
  9. muddyrivers

    American Adventure Issues

    Did you go to Guest Services to complain? I've read many times on this forum how important it is to have some sort of complaint formally registered with Guest Services. I don't think telling CMs at the attraction is enough because I don't think they have the power to do anything about it (or...
  10. muddyrivers

    Phone wait times

    For those who have been calling into Disney for years, were call wait times like this in the 80s and 90s as well? Or was there adequate staffing where this wasn't an issue? I'm assuming staffing would be the primary issue as even though there are more people going to Disney now, the Internet...
  11. muddyrivers

    The artwork in the Tower of Terror episode from 'Behind the Attraction' on Disney+ was stolen from YouTube creator Art of Engineering

    That's like saying you can't sell a painting of a building since someone else created it so you are profiting off of them.
  12. muddyrivers

    Horrible maintenance at DCA today (9/14/21)

    I'm not sure what's worse -- sitting in the dark after the film ends and not moving, or having the lights come up and being able to see how far down it is if you were to fall :O On a separate note, I know it is nitty gritty but the Internet has basically everything, is there any resource which...
  13. muddyrivers

    Port Orleans Re-Opening

    Part of the appeal at staying at different resorts are the things that make them different. Whether it is costumes, items available in the stores, or experiences offered. As Disney continues to blur the distinction between different resorts, there becomes less of an allure to stay at one place...
  14. muddyrivers

    Phone wait times

    I haven't been on the phone for WDW in awhile but had to call Disneyland to cancel my Grand Californian hotel reservation. How come in 2021 I have to call and have an agent cancel my hotel reservation when most other hotel chains I can cancel my reservation from my account online? And I do like...
  15. muddyrivers

    Yehaa Bob Is Coming Back

    There's no question Disney was going to bring Bob back unless they were willing to forego a large amount of profit from the bar. The River Roost Lounge is dead on nights when Bob isn't there. Compare that to when Bob is playing and the place is packed! People are buying food and liquor like...
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