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Recent content by muddyrivers

  1. muddyrivers

    Jungle Cruise Re-Imagining

    This is absolutely insane. Removing Trader Sam, really? Come on!
  2. muddyrivers

    Inventors Circle in FW West

    I hope it stays. Some way to remember the inventors who paved the way for so many of the innovations we now rely on in our daily lives and was integral to Disney even having the attractions it does is a good touch in my opinion.
  3. muddyrivers

    Peter Pan evacuation video

    I was quite surprised how no one reacted when the woman said there was a silent fire alarm. Maybe I've been through too many what if's but I would much rather have found out it was a false alarm than find out it was the real thing and my lack of action costs me my life.
  4. muddyrivers

    Peter Pan evacuation video

    In an emergency, no one's worried about not knocking over Big Ben 😅
  5. muddyrivers

    Chiquita no longer sponsoring Living with the Land?

    Does anyone have an idea as to how much Chiquita was paying Disney for the sponsorship? I'm curious since I can't imagine it would be as much as say GM pays for Test Track or HP did for Mission Space.
  6. muddyrivers

    Great Movie Ride Narrator

    You also have a narrator in the gangster scene when you hit the red light and he states something to the effect of "Ladies and gentlemen, remain seated please"
  7. muddyrivers

    I’m here now and it’s...

    I was going to say so often on these forums nowadays we only see rants. It's very pleasant to see positive experiences posted and the Disney magic really manifesting itself with its guests.
  8. muddyrivers

    Park Shows Representation on Disney+

    There's very few movies/shows I'm interested in watching on Disney+ mainly because I'm not a Disney movies guy (sue me!) However, if there was a Parks section on the service showing all different theme park related footage (Carousel of Progress pre-show video from the queue, on ride video of...
  9. muddyrivers

    Books on Parks History

    First picture: First row in the back: 3rd book from the left (red cover) 4th book from the left (black cover) Second Picture: First row in the back: Third and fifth books from the left Third row: Fifth in from the left (glare makes it hard to read but it looks like a kid looking up at the...
  10. muddyrivers

    Books on Parks History

    Okay Mr. Show Off, we will now need a full listing of title and author of each of these books so we can scour the Internet and find some of these :P There's a couple in here I don't recognize the covers of!
  11. muddyrivers

    Trip Report *Completed* You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home - September 2020

    One of my favorite attractions of all time! Can't wait for your next post :D
  12. muddyrivers

    Mousebits Registration Closed?

    The forum software being used is being updated so perhaps that's why registrations are closed so the migration can take place? The latest news post is from December 31 so I would think something is happening imminently.
  13. muddyrivers

    Looking For Old TV Documentary on Maelstrom

    I'm hoping a copy of the video will turn up as I would like to watch it too. In the mean time, I found this blog post which has a lot of screen caps as well as some behind the scenes photos of Maelstrom: https://liberaler.wordpress.com
  14. muddyrivers

    Rumor Tom Hanks rumored to be new narrator for the Carousel of Progress

    I 100% agree. Think about all the songs from the Disney parks throughout the years we absolutely love, hum, and sing along to. We focus on the music and the words and that's what we love. If a famous person were singing those songs, I don't think it would stick with us as well and put the focus...
  15. muddyrivers

    Rumor Pirates Of The Caribbean "Refurbishment"

    This is not a legitimate post. The user just registered last night to create this thread and it is just random thoughts thrown together to make a "rumor".
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