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  1. MotherofaPrincessLover

    HS or AK with a 40inch kid

    At 40" there's 5 rides in Disney World that can't be ridden and 3 of those are at AK. If going on rides is the most important thing to the 4 yo, I'd go with HS. But on the other hand, AK has the Boneyard which is a ton of fun for a 4 yo. Whichever you choose, your kids will have fun.
  2. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Mini Golf at Winter Summerland

    Are there still buses that go to Winter Summerland when Blizzard Beach is closed for refurb?
  3. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Trip Report From Batuu to the Boardwalk...and Beyond!

    I went to Ale & Compass for breakfast in September and also went with the buffet option just for the berries on the buffet. Usually buffet fruit is all melon so I was so excited about all the berries!
  4. MotherofaPrincessLover

    AP Expiration

    Thanks! That's what I thought but figured I would double check since that would be terrible if I didn't have park admission on a day I expected I would.
  5. MotherofaPrincessLover

    AP Expiration

    Can you go to the park on the date of expiration for your AP?
  6. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Moonlight Magic -- Typhoon Lagoon

    Go get your food earlier on in the party. The lines at the quick services got HUGE. Other than that, lines were short and it was a good time.
  7. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Trip Report It's a meet-up-palooza!

    I checked in at the Boardwalk Villas on the 14th and had no remote in my room either. What was going on that day?!
  8. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Rumor Circle of Flavors – Harambe at (Wednesday) Nights Event Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    Would this be an event you pay one price to get in or a pay as you go type of thing?
  9. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Pre-Trip It’s a trap?!

    This is pretty much how I live my life. You never know what's going to happen so do as much as you can while you have the opportunity.
  10. MotherofaPrincessLover

    WDWMAGIC Takes the Cake - The Official Cake Talk

    How does it work when you have a cake delivered to your resort? Do you need to be in the room to get the cake? Can you request a time for it to be delivered? I'd prefer to not be in the room when it's delivered so it can be a surprise, but I don't know how that works.
  11. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Disney Kids club

    I'd suggest going in during the open house as a family. That's what we did on our last cruise since my son was 2 and my daughter was 8.
  12. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Looking at DVC---what can you experts tell me ?

    The total overall points at a resort cannot change, but they can reallocate them. They were planning on doing a big reallocation for 2020 but pulled it at the last minute to reevaluate it. The yearly maintenance fees do increase each year but I guess it depends on what you consider to be...
  13. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Daves' DVC Rentals - What's the catch?

    I have always been able to make my own Magical Express reservations when using David's and had no issue. Definitely need to go through the owner for dining plan.
  14. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Daves' DVC Rentals - What's the catch?

    I have used them twice and had great luck both times. They are easy to work with and respond fast. I actually have some points I need to rent out and have decided to list them with Dave's since I liked them so much.
  15. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Best month/ week ?

    September will have less crowds than October. Right now it's hard to really say how the crowds will be at that time next year because of the opening of Galaxy's Edge.
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