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    Magic Key Renewals?

    As a current unfavorable myself, I'm obviously biased. My conspiracy theory take is that Disney is now solely intent on running the parks at the bare minimum best bang for their buck. They intend to staff the parks at the absolute minimum that they can to function and no more. Unfavorables...
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    Never thought it would... but it's happening this December... on the Wonder. My first cruise-

    So, my friends FINALLY took their honeymoon... 12 years later... after being cancelled on in June 2020 and finally taking a Disney cruise to Alaska on the Wonder a couple months ago. They had some interesting responses to the adventure and ultimately told me that they experienced the Disney...
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    DLR attendance policy

    What's stated in the contract? I did a quick look and found a reddit thread from last year of CMs saying that Disney is very accommodating to school schedules. Apparently the only firmer requirement is fri-sun be available. You have experience with telling Disney you have classes on Monday...
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    DLR attendance policy

    So, to put it simply... A new part time employee has to miss 19 scheduled shifts (that are made according to your own personal schedule (class on mon, wed, Fri= no work those days etc.)) in a six week period before being let go?
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    Should Disney ever add Pandora to Disneyland or DCA

    Single IP lands do not belong in a castle park. It would be one heck of a gymnastic feat to word salad around Avatar being in DCA. That being said, my biggest fear right now is they may do this in the motorboat/autopia/sub area. If you pick up Avatar land and plunk it down in that footprint...
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    Disneyland Maintenance Reporting Thread

    Curious, how would a sewage leak from Red Rose Tavern get into Rivers of America?
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    How many days in each park??

    IF you have park hoppers, you can enter either park after 1:00pm regardless of what you made your reservation for that day- "Guests who purchase or have a Park Hopper ticket and an appropriate park reservation may cross over and switch between parks on the same day beginning at 1:00 PM." You're...
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    News Boba Fett and Fennec Shand coming to Galaxy's Edge starting May 28th

    Yeah that statement is utter BS. Imagineers dug in their heels from the beginning and were called on it by fans. The only reason they said this statement was to lie to the public about the situation and their backpedaling.
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    Best places to eat - DL and DCA

    The best comment is about the fries- "Are they overcooked, undercooked?".... "Yes."
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    Avengers Campus: Food, Entertainment, M&G, Environment Updates

    Selling the stuff Disney is calling schwarma is a crime.
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    Best places to eat - DL and DCA

    I will second Tropical Hideaway. The ambiance there can't be beat. If you can get a table at the right time when it's not overrun by AP's it is totally worth it. I do not recommend Bengal barbecue though. The seating there is pretty substandard and honestly the last time I had their food I...
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    Best places to eat - DL and DCA

    You'll find that the most major defining difference between DL and WDW is the food quality. It's night and day. Table service options are extremely limited here. At Disneyland, I would recommend Cafe Orleans. In DCA, probably just Carthay although I've not been to Lamplight loungue so can't...
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    Tiana's Bayou Adventure: Disneyland Watch & Discussion

    I... I thought the Frozen ride was rather well done and I enjoy it... I thought the animatronics were pretty good :-/
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    Questions about Returning to Disneyland

    1) I want to say no, generally the lightning lane has made things worse. 2) I swear I did single rider on Radiator Springs Racers a while back. 3) Trams are fully functional. 4) Unsure. 5) To me they don't seem any different. Haven't had any cowherd shoulder to shoulder shuffling through...
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    Tiana's Bayou Adventure: Disneyland Watch & Discussion

    I finally got to watch the video. The salt dome comment/tour is downright weird. Disney trying to justify the 'mountain' being in New Orleans now? So they visited a salt dome? Because it gives some broad elevation to the Tabasco factory (Tabasco as well as a salt mine sit on the Avery Island...
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