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Recent content by Minthorne

  1. Minthorne

    Is Disney In Another Dark Age?

    Did you say Dark Crystal?
  2. Minthorne

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    Hey cool bird, don't you gibe me with all the fancy book learning. That don't jibe with my mellow mood. You get my jive?
  3. Minthorne

    Pre-Trip With a little bit of Pixie Dust...we're going to Batuu!

    We are at the new Grand Destino tower so we though we'd check that out during the day. That evening we are doing dinner at the Wave at 5pm then we are going to the Halloween Party on the 20th - dressed in Disney Christmas attire - our costumes are we are Time Travelers from December!
  4. Minthorne

    Pre-Trip With a little bit of Pixie Dust...we're going to Batuu!

    Awesome - have blast! We will be there 8/20 -22 for the preview on 8/21!
  5. Minthorne

    New CM Uniforms across HS

    When the bell hops at ToT loose their costumes we know it’s bad.
  6. Minthorne

    DVC room and a dining plan?

    Probably save more just getting a TiW card.
  7. Minthorne

    How to "lessen the blow" of leaving WDW?

    This. Once you check your bill you realize that going home will save money!
  8. Minthorne

    Rumor Disney Characters Being Added to IASW

    Let's go deeper. Like the bottom of the pit. They are soul-less dolls that wanted to dominate all of humanity through musical subjugation.
  9. Minthorne

    Rumor New ride coming to Animal Kingdom. D23 announcement expected.

    New attraction will be based on either Chicken Little or Home on the Range and deal with climate change. My source:
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