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  1. Minthorne

    Narcoossee's versus DVC Independence Day Dessert Party

    The New Years Eve Eve dvc party fireworks from the Contemporary spot were amazing because you really can experience the 360 degree ones all around seven seas lagoon. I’ve never viewed the 360 ones from narcoossee
  2. Minthorne

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

  3. Minthorne

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

  4. Minthorne

    Would You Sacrafice BTMRR for Grizzly Mountain?

    They were building BTM on my first trip in 1979 so I'd rather they add a new attraction than replace one.
  5. Minthorne

    Rumor The Millenium Falcon Only Has One Mission

    You’ll go blind. .
  6. Minthorne

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I though those were the new Iron Worms that were being introduced to the Sunset Savannah...
  7. Minthorne

    Harbinger of the Apocalypse Day 1 No wagons and smoke

    I'm so confused. If smoking is like peeing in the pool should we instead smoke in the bathroom when we pee? Smoking in the pool is always a tricky challenge. Did I win the internet today?
  8. Minthorne

    News Tomorrowland love

    Color pallet fits the new Mickey and Minnie Future costumes perfectly!
  9. Minthorne

    Disney PRT (Personal Rapid Transport) System to Connect Southern End of Disney World

    Cynics are why we can’t have nice things.
  10. Minthorne

    Tesla owners

    I don't have a Tesla, but if I did I think I would have a CAR PAYMENT and I would think it was TOO HIGH :)
  11. Minthorne

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    me too!
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