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Recent content by MinnieWaffles

  1. MinnieWaffles

    Pandora closing early Jan 14th

    It's just a theme park ride, I'll probably get to ride it again. I don't care.
  2. MinnieWaffles

    Pandora closing early Jan 14th

    Hours are always subject to change without notice, it sucks but what can you do?
  3. MinnieWaffles

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    ...why? It's very much a toddler show.
  4. MinnieWaffles

    McDonald's near to Disney All Star Resort to close for remodel

    Our local Burger King closed this year. I'm not sad about it though because it was stuck in the 1990s, the food was awful and the toilets horrific. Our local McDonalds, although the food's not that great either is a lot cleaner and brighter.
  5. MinnieWaffles

    News Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue replacing Liberty Inn

    Here, barbeque means burnt on the outside, raw on the inside sausages, burgers and chicken legs. I'll take pulled pork over any of those!
  6. MinnieWaffles

    What will Disney’s response be to Universals 4th gate?

    So basically you don't have a argument, just keep calling someone names until they back down and refuse to argue with you. How very mature.
  7. MinnieWaffles

    Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs wins the 2019 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award for Fast Casual Restaurants

    It's just a fancy Subway though with long lines. Better places to eat in Disney Springs IMO.
  8. MinnieWaffles

    Ketchup and Mustard Pumps Removed at Casey’s Corner

    Ketchup pump access at one QS is temporarily removed, news at 11.
  9. MinnieWaffles

    No! I Don't Want to be on YouTube!

    pssh. I would find it hilarious to accidentally find myself in the background dropping my hotdog down me, even though at the time it would be terribly annoying. God knows I've probably been in hundreds of random photoes and videos over the years because that's what happens when you go to a very...
  10. MinnieWaffles

    Camera Center is Gone...

    Think the only time I've been in there, it was to look for something not camera related which was weird. They mostly sold the same Mickey ears and MBs with one counter of sunscreen and stuff.
  11. MinnieWaffles

    Hidden Mickey on Google Earth

    WDW has changed so much over the years, I doubt the original is still there. I think there's supposed to be a solar panel Mickey head by MK parking though.
  12. MinnieWaffles

    News Scat Cat's Club at Disney Port Orleans Resort French Quarter to expand

    Maybe the demand just wasn't there for a table service restaurant at POFQ as well. I've never been to that food court so I can't comment on how visually appealing it is. Never managed to get over there when I was at POR sadly.
  13. MinnieWaffles

    Rumor Cinderella Castle turning rose gold for the 50th

    Iridescent projections on the castle could look really pretty if done well. But as usual, heed the warning of getting your news from sketchy sources. Haven't heard much of Mickeyviews.
  14. MinnieWaffles

    "The Problem With Disney Fans"

    Because frankly, we don't care. Doesn't make me any less of a true fan.
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