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    Flamingo Crossing Retail Center

    I don't think that was a serious goal, but it also feels like you're giving this development grief for not being something it was never meant to be and wanting it to be more for no real reason other than Disney was planning this. This is outside the gates to serve the CP housing and the normal...
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    World Drive Phase-III

    There may or may not be another resort coming down the line, but as someone who drove/drives this area regularly I can tell you that the amount of "local" traffic is already more than what this was built for at peak times and serving their Cast and guests that live and commute through here is...
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    World Drive Phase-III

    If these were going to be on Buena Vista Dr. I would agree with you, however their location on this part of Floridian Way will have a much, much higher level of "local" traffic compared to tourist traffic, even if you want to include a hypothetical future resort north and east of the Grand.
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    Flamingo Crossing Retail Center

    Didn't notice anything that seemed appreciably higher at first glance, although I was really only paying attention to the prices of a couple things in the medicine area. I could tell at a quick glance the the food aisles are definitely geared toward the CP housing residents, though (as you would...
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    Food portion cuts to increase profits?

    You very likely saw only a small portion, as those tours really only go down the center spine and around the Main Street loop. I would be very surprised if you took a left or right turn and/or went very far in either direction at either end of the center spine.
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    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    I've been singing and humming Live the Magic, A Kiss Goodnight, and the PTN soundtrack regularly since 2015 (And yet the best they can do is put A Kiss Goodnight on a CD attached to a kids book? Not that I'm still bitter about the lack of 60th show music availability or anything), and the WoC...
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    World Drive Phase-III

    While there may be additional bigger, longer range reasons for this road re-route, in the near term @hopemax is more likely on the money, and the use of roundabouts instead of intersections kind of give it away IMO. Increasing traffic down Floridian Way in its current alignment is an operational...
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    Labor cost cutting measures begin at Walt Disney World as the company enters Q1

    Well, you'd have to ask American Campus Communities about that, but I'm sure the lease or purchase price on the land they paid Disney is a nice chunk. However, ACC being a private company, I'm sure they're still turning a profit, or are set to before too long. After all, the rent for ACC is...
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    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    So I absolutely love the lighting package and what they did with it in the end (I had my doubts, and I do think it's a bit too bright when left on a static scene for a while like they did once or twice last night), this is a home run without a doubt. My only concern is that I haven't seen the...
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    Universal's Epic Universe (South Expansion Complex) - Construction Resumed

    I would just say that I could see that screen in that position for long enough potentially needing a lot of cleaning leading to a lot of downtime...
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    Disney executives have come up with the answer to rock bottom Cast Member morale

    Which is just normal Section 8 housing open to anyone that qualifies. It's not specifically for Cast but the location obviously means Cast that qualify are going to want to live there and end up being the majority of residents.
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    Rumor Higher Speed Rail from MCO to Disney World

    Considering how multi-level the Beyond the Ultimate I-4 plans are for the 535/536 stretch, I find the idea of a station straddling I-4 in that area to be a stretch. If I'm looking at the existing Beyond overhead plans correctly, it looks like there could be up to three levels of road at 535, and...
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    Universal workers get a raise to $15 an hour, first Orlando theme park to set starting pay that high

    🤣🤣🤣 You're hilarious thinking that the people at Cedar Point getting the Hail Mary $20/hr get health insurance. I'd be very surprised if it affected the benefits cost of the comparative handful of full time/salaried at the park. And yeah, several other Cedar Fair parks bumped up to $15 to...
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    Flamingo Crossing Hotels

    Yeah they'll obviously keep the roadways (and landscaped common areas) and any land that isn't developed, but any land developed will be almost certainly be de-annexed once development is finished.
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    Flamingo Crossing Hotels

    Because just like Crossroads they're likely going to de-annex it to the County once it's built out (if it hasn't already been, haven't looked too closely at the tax status for the lots). This isn't meant to serve WDW Resort guests, it's meant to serve the CPs and the Good Neighbor hotels.
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