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  1. Marlins1

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    Took a long ride on the Skyliner from Pop to Epcot this weekend and came away very impressed. Fun to ride, fun to watch and the thing is a people eater. Of course I might not feel that way if I was stuck on it for 3 hours
  2. Marlins1

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Random thought about the overall lack of enthusiasm for the SW lands on both coasts. Disney is building lands copying the Uni Potter model - few new rides and lots of immersion. That worked at Uni because until Potter came along they were all ride, no significant immersion. At Disney (and...
  3. Marlins1

    Entertainment cuts

    The Muppets show was a really good add - I just don’t get how cutting it can turn the profit dial at all for a company of Disney’s size - such short term thinking. I remember as a kid MK was open until midnight or 1 AM and the crowds were virtually gone. My buddy and I would go on at least ten...
  4. Marlins1

    Changes to Fastpass+ Tiers at Hollywood Studios Effective 8.29

    The AK tier never bothers me because you can still easily select three attractions worth an FP. The other two - well when I am choosing Nemo or BATB live as an FP 60 days in advance that is a joke. Hope it changes when current projects are completed.
  5. Marlins1

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    So many downgrades over the years though - I remember working your way from the back of the switchbacks and looking up at the glowing cars and projections - tons of anticipation. Nothing to see now from the queue or the PeopleMover
  6. Marlins1

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    The brakes were the last straw - ruined the best parts of the ride.
  7. Marlins1

    What’s Your Favorite Fun Park After Disney ❓

    Busch Gardens Tampa - huge beautiful park with great coasters and wildlife.
  8. Marlins1

    News Operating hours of various Animal Kingdom attractions being reduced

    I agree that the park has become awesome at night. I understand the trails being closed and even the late openings due to the early Pandora rush and the long walk to the back of the park. But certainly not the early KS closing - one of the best attractions on property. And the site that shall...
  9. Marlins1

    Alien Swirling Saucers rider experience and comments

    Rode last night - it was fun, nothing special but I did not expect it to be. HS and Epcot are clearly becoming more kid friendly and I am sure that is good for business. Slinky Dog looked very fun but the family did not want to wait in line so we walked onto TSMM twice. New entrance and exit...
  10. Marlins1

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    True - pretty sure that FOP is the best new ride in FL the past two years
  11. Marlins1

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    I used to think that the Eiffel Tower was WDW’s worst example of forced perspective - but then Beast’s 15 foot tall castle showed up.
  12. Marlins1

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Tron and a fully restored Space Mountain could live together just like BTMR and Splash or Popeyes Barges and Ripsaw Falls. The current Space Mountain will not hold up well with Tron as a neighbor.
  13. Marlins1

    News Coronado Springs Expansion - Gran Destino Tower

    You mean they are not adding a pool at the tower site?
  14. Marlins1

    Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I have no idea who Kenny the Pirate is but I hope he is right. This approach works well at AK IMO.
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