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  1. Magic Crush Drop

    Who replaces Chapek?

    Tom Staggs if they can. I mean he was in the running before.
  2. Magic Crush Drop

    Cut the word / add a word

    man / moon
  3. Magic Crush Drop

    Josh D’Amaro For CEO

    Let's hope he actually tries to do something for the cast (like raise wages) if he becomes CEO
  4. Magic Crush Drop

    Has anyone heard of Walt Disney Attractions (as a label for a tag)

    So I bought something at a flea mart and on the tag I've found it has both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. On the back of the same tag, it say it was from Walt Disney Attractions that was located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. I tried looking for the same plush with the same tag, but I can't. I...
  5. Magic Crush Drop

    Bob Iger's Retirement

    But what if Disney goes to a very low point where they can't bring someone back or try to reinvent itself to where customers where are receptive to the change (and not just people on this forum)? ( I just wanted to see your logic here.)
  6. Magic Crush Drop

    Bob Iger's Retirement

    Judging from what Chapek said during the call yesterday, we, as fans, were spoiled by Iger.
  7. Magic Crush Drop

    Disney collection help

    I would like to add on that not everything that Disney makes a ''collective'' people would buy on the 2nd market (ex Disney keys) or people would buy them but it's only a fad (ex Tsum Tsums)
  8. Magic Crush Drop

    Disney Shutting Down Blue Sky Studios

    I'm surprised that the government even allow them to get Blue Sky because their hold in feature animation.
  9. Magic Crush Drop

    Southern Californian (Maybe all of California, too?) Local Eats

    Try the All India Cafe in Old Town Pasadena. Very good India food and lunch special.
  10. Magic Crush Drop

    What should NOT have been replaced?

    The Peoplemover at Disneyland. Now it's just an unused piece of track.
  11. Magic Crush Drop

    Iger to leave and become an Ambassador

    Why does everyone here on this forum hate Iger? I'm genuinely asking here.
  12. Magic Crush Drop

    Should Disney Buy MGM?

    Wouldn't Disney be hit with an antitrust case for it?
  13. Magic Crush Drop

    Does anyone know if Disney still sells this dress

    Thank you for your help. Might start looking on Ebay.
  14. Magic Crush Drop

    Does anyone know if Disney still sells this dress

    It was originally sold at the Dress Shop in Downtown Disney. I saw it once in 2018 but never again. Does anyone know if Disney still sells this dress. Here's a picture of it.
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