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  1. Magic Crush Drop

    Disney Shutting Down Blue Sky Studios

    I'm surprised that the government even allow them to get Blue Sky because their hold in feature animation.
  2. Magic Crush Drop

    Southern Californian (Maybe all of California, too?) Local Eats

    Try the All India Cafe in Old Town Pasadena. Very good India food and lunch special.
  3. Magic Crush Drop

    What should NOT have been replaced?

    The Peoplemover at Disneyland. Now it's just an unused piece of track.
  4. Magic Crush Drop

    Iger to leave and become an Ambassador

    Why does everyone here on this forum hate Iger? I'm genuinely asking here.
  5. Magic Crush Drop

    Should Disney Buy MGM?

    Wouldn't Disney be hit with an antitrust case for it?
  6. Magic Crush Drop

    Does anyone know if Disney still sells this dress

    Thank you for your help. Might start looking on Ebay.
  7. Magic Crush Drop

    Does anyone know if Disney still sells this dress

    It was originally sold at the Dress Shop in Downtown Disney. I saw it once in 2018 but never again. Does anyone know if Disney still sells this dress. Here's a picture of it.
  8. Magic Crush Drop

    Another “Save Disney” Campaign?

    Do you think she will have the support of the smaller investors?
  9. Magic Crush Drop

    Disney' market cap hits 300 billion

    Yes. I was sneaking around the Cupertino HQ when I heard this of TOTALLY REAL acquisition will be completed in 2030. (they choose this year because Disney is busy with all those Avatar sequels and Star Wars spin off spin off series.) 😏
  10. Magic Crush Drop

    Disney' market cap hits 300 billion

    I just realized that Disney is larger than Netflix (222.32B), AT&T (220.977B), and Comcast(233.021B) just from that investor's call.
  11. Magic Crush Drop

    Disney's Next Acquisition Speculation / Discussion

    Where do you propose Disney get the money to buy AMC theaters. I mean the parks are losing money. The streaming service, while bringing revenue, still isn't making a profit. Even if Disney could get a loan to do that, why would DIS investors want AMC when it cost less run D+ (with repairs, maybe...
  12. Magic Crush Drop

    Animaniacs Thread, Anyone?

    Is anyone here is almost done with the reboot? Because I am.
  13. Magic Crush Drop

    Does anyone here collect keys?

    I just wanted to know. I have the totally Minnie key and the studio keys pack.
  14. Magic Crush Drop

    Politics Reopening Rally to Be Held Outside Disneyland on Saturday, October 17th

    This would be taken seriously if there were CMs who got layoff or local businesses not a bunch of Disney fanboys.
  15. Magic Crush Drop

    Disney Restructures - Streaming #1 focus

    I think that Dan Loeb letter got thru Chapek's head.
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