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    Disney Wish

    looks like the wish on the PC webcam!
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    No more incentives left for staying at Disney Hotels.

    We usually stay at a deluxe resort (yacht club) because I’m able to go for a conference and have my boss pay for my room. If we were to just go as a family vacation I can’t see us really forking out the money for a deluxe or possibly even a moderate anymore. It’s definitely a case of diminishing...
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    What age did you ditch the stroller for your child at the parks?

    I think we stopped using for our daughter when she turned six and I think at that point it was more of a convenience to have someplace to rest are things when we went on rides. We might’ve taken it for the next trip except Southwest airlines crushed it en route to WDW.
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    Virgin Voyages

    I think that is a bit harsh tbh. For what it’s worth I checked some of their pricing out, and they don’t seem all that different than Disney, and some cruises are far cheaper.
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    DCL Picture Of The Day

    I love showing this photo to people who are not cruise people because they don’t want to feel confined. It shows how massive the ships really are!
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    Can’t seem to be able to book Palo brunch…

    That was my suspicion. We love doing Remy for dinner, but this time we’re spending quite a bit more on port experiences (and maybe shopping if I find a watch 😀) so we’re tailoring back a little bit on other things.
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    Can’t seem to be able to book Palo brunch…

    Thank you for your advice! Only thing was I was really going to try to avoid bringing a suit coat on this trip, is the dress code more relaxed at brunch? The website is a little vague when it comes to this.
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    Can’t seem to be able to book Palo brunch…

    So we’ve tried pretty much every day since posting and are still getting the same message. In the end we just decided to Remy brunch instead. I think will keep trying but every time we try to call we get hung up on disconnected or are we just never reach any staff. I’m a little disappointed and...
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    Virgin Voyages

    Apparently Virgin just canceled the launch of their latest ship and the reimbursement for those booked is kind of a joke. The cruise law page thinks I’ve been made it may be running on funds.
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    Is the Dole Whip an Abomination?

    Dole Whip by itself is OK, do it with pineapple juice is very good, Dole Whip with rum is excellent!
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    2 newbie questions Re: photos and port day…

    Off topic but doing chest press with dumbbells on a moving ship is a very interesting experience 😂
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    Anyone dislike the volggers content?

    I’ve watched tourist trek’s cruise videos during the Covid shut down, but truthfully I don’t care for most of the vloggers so I don’t watch any atm.
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    If Pirates of the Caribbean Burned Down, Would Disney Rebuild It?

    That Europa ride is the illegitimate offspring of PotC & Small World.
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    Can’t seem to be able to book Palo brunch…

    I don’t think you’ll really have any problems getting Remy, we’ve never had a problem. The only time we’ve ever seen people get turned away is when they showed up at the front door expecting to eat without a reservation. We went to Remy on our 10th and then 15th anniversaries and it’s really an...
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    Ground Transportation/parking options? (Miami/general)

    We have used Uber to get from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and it was super easy and not all that expensive.
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