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  1. Maelstrom Troll

    Opinions about Hollywood Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios

    I used to love HBD and even when we werent dining there, would ask the maitre’d if I could buy a piece of grapefruit cake to go. I would give the server or maitre’d a big tip and I did this for several years. The staff was always happy to do it and mentioned they do it all the time. However this...
  2. Maelstrom Troll

    Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom

    This thread has over a thousand replies....... Oh how I love this forum 😍
  3. Maelstrom Troll

    Weirdest thing to happen to you in the parks.

    Ok so maybe it’s not the parks but we just got off the Disney Magic and it was bizarre how many people wore incredibly skimpy swimsuits in the family pool area. One in particular was a very voluptuous woman in a thong unitard. The really weird thing is that my wife didnt believe me......until...
  4. Maelstrom Troll

    Dole Whip Update

    The St Louis Zoo has had the raspberry for quite some time now. I prefer the original tbh.
  5. Maelstrom Troll

    Bulletproof coffee?

    Do you not blend yours or do you bring a Bullet blender?
  6. Maelstrom Troll

    Starbucks Craziness

    The Joffrey's near Tot is a good one! My daughter rides ToT at least 5-8 times so I enjoy a nice beverage/people watch while she and my wife ride. The Joffrey's near Canada is another story. We were at Epcot for Illuminations in late Nov and it was COLD. The Joffrey's line was really busy and...
  7. Maelstrom Troll

    Unofficial Wedding

    I wouldn't risk ruining my wedding personally. Like DisneyJoe said, I'm pretty sure they'll notice 30 people.
  8. Maelstrom Troll

    Mandatory “Room Check” - Take the poll...

    I know the question has been answered but the flip lock was accidentally activated when we left our room at Caribbean Beach by the drapes. I was able to jimmy it open with a palm frond from the landscaping (shhhhh it took a few ;) ). As for the room checks, I am really skeptical. A large...
  9. Maelstrom Troll

    10 Year Agreement - Galveston

    We cruises out of Galveston Dec ‘17 and liked it a lot. Would definitely do it again despite the debarkation seemed the slowest that we’ve seen. Luckily we had a window so we could watch the dolphins play in the harbor!
  10. Maelstrom Troll


    We were in WS Japan when a Mic’d CM who had obviously forgotten to turn it off had a very intimate conversation about another CM. His conversation went over the loud speakers....it was an interesting evening. It went south pretty quickly do my wife went into the gift shop to get someone to cut...
  11. Maelstrom Troll

    Overheard At The Parks

    We were in like for BTM and there was a family of 4 (grand parents and 2 grandkids) in front of us. For a half hour, they whooped and hollered “pig calls” at the top of their lungs. The grandpa finished then whoops out “ whooo thank you KENTUCKY FRIIIIIED CHICKEN!!” My wife and I start laughing...
  12. Maelstrom Troll

    For my WDW Trip to be "complete," I must _________________________.

    Have a citrus swirl while trying to convince everyone who’ll listen that it’s better than DoleWhip!
  13. Maelstrom Troll

    Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

    VN used to be a regular stop for us (that prosciutto pizza is delicious) but our last visit left us cold. Service was slow, our drinks took forever to get, my pizza wasnt cut, and I had to go find my server while my food got cold. The plus side is that now we go to Tokyo Dining which is always...
  14. Maelstrom Troll

    conversely the least favorite WDW smell

    The buffet at Beach Club smells like old fish! I love seafood and still cant imagine keeping an appetite with that stank.
  15. Maelstrom Troll

    Favourite "strange" WDW smell.....

    The lobby and convention center at Yacht Club at Christmas. I’ve been told it smells different than the rest of the year but haven’t confirmed it. Also love the smell of Norway and Germany. Least favorite smell? The bus at 9 pm on a hot and humid day and the buffet at Beach Club. The entire...
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