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    Hotel recommendations for Port Canaveral

    Yup, def a solid choice 👍
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    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    Interesting news for sure.... but I agree I doubt they’ll stay there til the fall.
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    Awesome Tomorrowland picture

    I would have loved to have seen the OG Tomorrowland. I’m not into the rocks....
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    If you had to spend the quarantine in a World Showcase pavilion?

    There are a lot of food options with the cold items at the Kringla bakery and the smorgasbord & entrees at Akershus house. Also, I think Norway is top 3 in WS for amazing desserts. And for the record, I like their goat cheese! 😛
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    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    I’m guessing that DCL is still optimistic that Alaskan and European sailings will happen this summer then? Here’s to hoping!
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    If you had to spend the quarantine in a World Showcase pavilion?

    Whereas I could see myself enjoying wandering through Morocco while enjoying eats from Tangierine Cafe, I would have to say pre-Frozen Norway pavilion or the current Japan pavilion. Mexico also ranks highly for me but the risk of cirrhosis from daily (hourly) LaCava or cardiac disease from daily...
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    Possible MK fireworks while MK is closed in the evening?

    A lot of money goes into that show. I couldnt see them spending the cash on an empty park.
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    Ghost on Sleeping Beauty Castle?

    It’s eerie that after so long this story still haunts us. Phantom photos like this always give me the creeps. I think I’ll ghost outta here like a poltergeist before I make a spectre-cle out of myself.
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    DCL Picture Of The Day

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I miss the Route 66 area on the Wonder! Maybe it’s because 66 rolls by less than a mile from our neighborhood but it was a genuinely cool area.
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    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    Dream looks lonely out there. Think I could swim to it 🤔
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    Trip Report ***COMPLETED*** Girls Just Wanna Have Sun ☀️

    Also, I wish I would have bought that Nike DCL hat! I had the DCL cap and Helly Hansen wind breaker in hand and was thinking about checking out when I found the Animators Palate butter spreaders. I passed off the logo-ware to my missus to hold for a second. She thought I didnt want the jacket...
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    Trip Report ***COMPLETED*** Girls Just Wanna Have Sun ☀️

    And that’s how you do it! Really well written and great pics. I’m sorry your trips were cancelled, hopefully you get back soon. We are scheduled for WDW in November/December and a cruise in May’21. We’re crossing our fingers tightly that they’ll happen. But! If our WDW trip cancels, we might...
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    Trip Report From Reality....To Fantasy!

    Dec 2: Day 2 at Sea (aka the bittersweet sea day)... Day 2 started off great! Since we literally had no plans today, we slept in and then knock-knock, our room service was right on time. Amelia already sleeps like a teenager but she didn't have much to complain about when she took in the view...
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