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  1. lunchbox1175

    Would you pay $226 for a souvenir?

    I already bought a lightsaber, have (3) 3D printed models of myself in Star Wars garb and those were from the old Star Wars Weekends, and have numerous works of art, so i'm going to go with HELL YEAH I WOULD!
  2. lunchbox1175

    The Saber Forge: Savi’s Hand Built Lightsabers

    I've heard that they only put out 5 of the black ones per day, but that you can tell which ones are the black ones by putting your phone flashlight up to the container if there is a red one in it, it will be apparent, and if its a black one the light won't come thru as well.
  3. lunchbox1175

    Who else is thinking about waiting until 2020 or so to go back to the World?

    I'm not able to go as often as I used to, so I have been thinking about this a lot, if I go this year, then I will miss out on seeing a bunch of new stuff next year, but if I go next year, I will see some new stuff but be wishing I held out to see all the new stuff the following year.
  4. lunchbox1175

    Should MK replace pirates?

    I wouldn't mind seeing some kind of update. Maybe an additional drop or a way to make the ride a little more exciting, but ultimately, I wouldn't want change the animatronics or story.
  5. lunchbox1175

    Car or no car?

    Personally, I love that fact that I don't need a car. Fly in, take Magical Express, get to resort and start having fun. The only place I feel that I have had to wait an unusual amount of time for a bus is at Disney Springs, but that was during bus stop renovations.
  6. lunchbox1175

    Talk to me about renting DVC points vs paying for a regular room

    I have used the DVC Rental Store...specifically Katrina Little a few times now including a stay at Aulani, and have never had any problems. I have a trip coming up in February that I just booked in September. I believe its actually cheaper if you can book closer to the time you want to go, but...
  7. lunchbox1175

    February Park Hours

    It has been a few years since I have gone, I just booked a trip for February 10th - 13th, and noticed that the park hours seem much shorter. The MK even closes at 6pm one evening. Will they extend the hours as it gets closer or is this the new normal?
  8. lunchbox1175

    Thoughts on turf club?

    Onion Rings are excellent!
  9. lunchbox1175

    Garden Grill

    I actually enjoy Garden grill very much. The food is better and fresher tasting than most of the buffet meals in my opinion.
  10. lunchbox1175

    Has Bongo's Lost Its Touch?

    I will agree with you in the case of Bongos....the food is extremely disappointing, especially for the price.
  11. lunchbox1175

    What's With All The Sushi? Disney Springs

    Actually.....the Sushi at Splitsville is some of the best I've had
  12. lunchbox1175

    Mattress quality in Disney resort rooms

    I would say that the starting with Coronado Springs, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, and then the Deluxe resorts the mattress' are pretty good....but everything from Caribbean Beach down is pretty hard to sleep on. I also feel like the linen quality is different as well, and that makes a...
  13. lunchbox1175

    Noodles at 'Ohana v. Kona

    they are definitely different....I love the 'Ohana ones, and do not like the Kona ones.
  14. lunchbox1175

    Please give any advice needed on a surprise trip...

    Actually, we have been a few times the last part of February, and it is usually pretty nice when it comes to crowd levels with no crazy wait times. But when it comes to dining reservations, they still go fast for all of the usual hot spots.
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