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    runDisney Star Wars Events

    I've had the privilege of running marathons/half marathons in many states/cities - some small, some larger. Disney live, in-person races are unlike anything else. A lot has to do with being self-contained to the property & having the infrastructure to support it. Aside from the NYC Marathon...
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    Obvious Future Medal Design

    Almost an infinite list of Star Wars characters, including Mandalorian characters (and whatever new characters from the11 future shows). I used to like back in the day when the January race weekend 5K had a specific character theme, like Lion King of Three caballeros. Seems as though a singular...
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    runDisney Star Wars Events

    If you complete a run of a certain distance that results in a medal, it doesn't really matter WHERE you ran it, IMO. You earned the medal ether way & Disney medals are among the most unique to commemorate your accomplishment. That said, I have run a few (non-Disney) virtual races because I was...
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    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Any indication as to how much longer the boarding group format will be used? I read once M&MRR opens on 03/04, that ROTR will go to standby only or begin allowing FP+??? I'm planning a late April trip & wondering if I have to deal with the boarding groups, or if I need to start monitoring FP+...
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    Club runDisney is a new membership program offering benefits at runDisney events

    Don't blame Disney. If people actually pay for this, it's their own fault. As long as my corral isn't filled with walkers who paid extra to also be assigned there, then I don't really care. Based on the response on this forum and on social media, this does not seem like something everyone's...
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    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    2007 was a hot one as well. I recall sweating on the walk to the start & the temp was 80 degrees in the morning. Got up to 89 in the afternoon, but no course modifications, just warnings posted at the expo & email regarding proper hydration.
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    Compression Socks

    CEP are pricey, but they are medical grade quality & have sizing help on their actual website. If you check around online, you can sometimes get discontinued styles or less popular colors on sale.
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    Compression Socks

    I not a hug fan of the calf sleeves for running, although I do wear them occasionally for consecutive-day races or races longer than 1/2 marathon. Sometimes, they're good for colder weather, just to keep your legs warm. I am a big fan of the compression socks for post-race recovery, especially...
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    Your post Disney race tradition

    La Cava del Tequila.
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    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    I really liked the racetrack portion of the course too! Glad I got to do that a few years, as well as the Epcot loop at the start. They need to be more creative with the courses and change them up more often. The 2018 January (Goofy) was my last runDisney event, mainly because it's been the...
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    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    The halfway point was the T&TC Simba lot, just past the Polynesian. Back in 2012, the first and only marathon relay exchange was there and that was the last year for the old red & blue start.
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    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    My first full was 2007. I loved the red & blue starts for many reasons...Approaching the park entrance at Mile 1.5 and having the floats from Spectromagic lining the course...running through the main entrance to Epcot with people cheering on the monorail platform...the countries full...
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    Indiana Jones stunt show update?

    I've been saying that for years. DHS needs a Jurassic Park style ride with an Indy theme. A duck boat through ancient ruins with live effects and the big drop at the end.
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    Pre-race carb loading

    il Mulino has a good menu - I always get the gnocchi the night before a race.
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    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    I like the Epcot 10K course too! I've never ran any of the other 10K courses. I think I'd rather run around the resorts than down World Drive. I've done that plenty of times during the half.
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