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Lovely Shine

I'm wicked friendly!
Astro Sign: Taurus
Favorite Colors: Neon Yellow, Hot Pink, and Black & Red together.
Likes: Cosplaying, Harry Potter, sushi, conventions, my netbook, tumblr, Monster High, GameCube, Kingdom Hearts, Ouran High School Host Club, The Walking Dead, reading, roleplaying, Ravenclaw things, camping, and being an adventress!

Disney has always been there for me, and always will be. Thank you, Disney! Feel free to message me!

Theater, Singing, Cosplaying, Video Games, Skiing, Disney, and Johnny Depp
Western Massachusetts
Favorite Park
Magic Kingdom
Favorite Attraction
Pirates of the Caribbean
Favorite Parade
Electric Light Parade
Favorite Resort
Grand Caribbean!
Favorite Character
To Meet? Princess Belle and Minnie Mouse. Otherwise? Elizabeth Swanna and Angelica Teach.
Last Visit to WDW
Favorite Disney Movie
Pirates of the Caribbean (don't ask me which one!)
Next Visit to WDW - Location
Disney's All Star Movies Resort



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