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  1. Ldno

    Disney is closing 20% of its brick-and-mortar Disney Stores before the end of the year

    That really doesn’t make any sense because they literally took down all 3 locations in San Antonio, all 3 being popular locations all over the city, i mean even downtown river center mall is a known location for it’s river walk tourist trap, there’s something big going around here. i visited...
  2. Ldno

    Disney is closing 20% of its brick-and-mortar Disney Stores before the end of the year

    I hate using Shop@Disney, Shipping plus Taxes can suck it. I walk by the two local Disney Stores that closed down Mid March and to be honest it’s sad not even new retailers are moving in, but I hate the people that think online shopping was the future… Granted that Shop@Disney offers free...
  3. Ldno

    How long before we start seeing tattoos on Disney CM's?

    That’s how I see it, a hundred years ago EVERYONE wore suits and fedora hats, that only stuck to businessmen, now it’s time to match with the times otherwise we would still be wearing long jackets with white wigs.
  4. Ldno

    Disney is closing 20% of its brick-and-mortar Disney Stores before the end of the year

    All the 3 stores in my city are closing, one of them had 25% the other had 30% closing for now, if you have a military discount you can get 33% with 25% and 37% with 30% total and they can throw in an extra 10% coupon. The savings have been massive. the shop Disney is the hardest page to...
  5. Ldno

    Current Magic Band offerings

    I I Did it last year through the disney world app going through the check in process, you should see an option that should redirect you to select your magic bands they offer at a discount, if i remember correctly but it was done through the app.
  6. Ldno

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    If you ever have a chance to do Imageering in A Box sponsored by Khan Academy, they legit cover a lot of topics and few of the “promised” stuff that was going to happen before 2019! They show the droid that would had been roaming around the park and a few detailed Disney Imageering blackboard...
  7. Ldno

    Disney Tiny Town Ornament collection

    I need help, how many buildings/ornaments has Disney Released under this line? I became aware of this line from the “disney” blog we don’t mention here, but I became a fan of it too late. I have the Haunted Mansion WDW, Small World, what others are there? I was like yeah for sure I can’t wait...
  8. Ldno

    ShopDisney continues to disappoint.

    I ordered a disney pin, just a single pin from shop disney and it arrived in a huge 12x12x12 i was like ****** did I order, then the pin was just floating inside the box with no cushion, just a plastic wrapper. But do not get me started on how my two boxes from the ship to home from galaxy’s...
  9. Ldno

    Incorrect photo sent to app through Disney PhotoPass

    If you have windows you can buy the codec extension for 1.99 and it unlocks video and photos! i used to convert to JPEg because I was having the same issue but little did I know was the downgrade Of quality and then I got the prompt to buy it and they all work now under the default photos app.
  10. Ldno

    Magic Band life span

    There’s people who throw them out? i just wiped them with baby wipes and they Went back to normal again!!!
  11. Ldno

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Now that you mention this, they could have killed this in a colossal way by having “force” transparent lightsaber holders in savi’s to give the idea that you are using the force while they activate the sequence, that would had been amazing. You know now that I think about they heavily recycle...
  12. Ldno

    Books on Parks History

    I wish they sold them on the kindle store.
  13. Ldno

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I know you guys keep saying Disney has 100% control of the characters but correct me if I'm wrong, but he would make money from Disney stock based from how well the franchise was doing and from the characters he created under the Writers Guild Agreement right?
  14. Ldno

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Now I’m split regarding this, It’s been heavily rumored that Disney will not use the OT at GE because they didn’t want pay royalties to George Lucas, so in my opinion Disney had no clue what to do with ST, which failed, then they made GE with the whole mentality that ”if they make it they will...
  15. Ldno

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I like the 7 am wake up call for DHS, it’s perfect, get your boarding group, eat breakfast get ready and head to the park. When the park opened at 9 I was there at 8 am and managed to ride tower of terror and slinky dog before 9am, then do whatever until your group gets called. Low key the...
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