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  1. Kristamouse

    Why is Thunder down? 4/24

    I think it went back up as I was posting. It seemed to be Down most of the day....
  2. Kristamouse

    Why is Thunder down? 4/24

    Any ideas on why Thunder is down on April 24th? Have some curious kids that keep asking CM’s with no answer. They are hoping it opens soon...
  3. Kristamouse

    Keenz Strollers

    To answer your question, I was Not impressed with the push. Mom to 6 here and a stroller snob. I found the Keenze to have a wide turning radius, wobbly push and it genealogical hard to maneuver. I much prefer the Peg Perego Book for Two or Ciricy Mini double. Also the longer my kids were in...
  4. Kristamouse

    Sam’s Club Park Tickets

    Hmm I have only heard of purchasing discounted Disney gift cards at Sam’s to pay off your trip. Similar to the Target Red Card saving 5% on all gift cards including Disney.
  5. Kristamouse

    Valet Contemporary parking question...

    We are offisite:)
  6. Kristamouse

    Valet Contemporary parking question...

    We are thinking of Uber, but we have 6 kids and two need car seats. Next time I am in the car I am calling Comtemporary directly because I keep Reading if you pay for Valet you can park... Thanks! We have done Uber wit the two of us and it was a piece of cake:)
  7. Kristamouse

    Valet Contemporary parking question...

    I do not want to brake any rules. We are staying off site. We have NO dining plans at Contemporary. Caw we pay to valet park at the Contemporary and walk to and from MK? Because we HATE leaving MK at night🤦‍♀️🙈🤷‍♀️
  8. Kristamouse

    Last minute, as in next Thursday...Am I crazy?

    We booked the Homewood Inn Suites LBV, for our tickets and a few AM FP and working on a Liberty Tree Lunch:) With 6 kids Resort hotels are stupid expensive. We love the 2 bed 2 bath suites at Homewood’s. Oddly Liberty Tree is a family fav, but will keep am eye out for Tifton’s. Kids have no...
  9. Kristamouse

    Which is the better way to plan: crowd level or best park?

    Hubs and I have been discussing this in circles all day... Would you pick the day you are touring a park based on Crowd Preditcions OR based on a best day for that park? Our example: 4/18 busier week, best day based on just about every crowd calendar OR 4/24 slower predictions, worst day to...
  10. Kristamouse

    Last minute, as in next Thursday...Am I crazy?

    We have over 20 trips with our family of 8 from way back in 2002. This will be the first I plan in a week. Going to Naples for Spring Break to see the Grands. They are offering to pay for a chunk of the tickets as an Easter treat for kids. We can go only Thursday 18th or Wednesday the 24th and...
  11. Kristamouse

    Any details on the park ticket?

    I am in a few FB groups and some have mentioned sometime in January (18th-19th) that park tickets will be on sale? Does anyone have any additional info on this? Is it just another rumor? We are going to Naples in the Spring and cheap tickets sounds tempting for a detour;) Thanks!
  12. Kristamouse

    Insane crowds, more space needed

    I was there with our 4 kids and pregnant! I had a panic attack trying to exit at 9:30 that evening...
  13. Kristamouse

    For the first time in Forever 😢

    I feel the same way, Like a spoiled brat! Glad you understood my tone/point and hopefully we can both go back soon:)
  14. Kristamouse

    Anyone do uber while at a Disney resort?

    Yep, just don’t use Magic Kingdom as your location. Use TTC, leaned the hard way. It was my Uber drivers first fare and he was hearing impaired. Disney Security got involved and I had to explain because between the language barrier, first fare and hearing impairment it was a MESS😂😂😂 The next...
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