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    Fine Tuning My Dining Reservations...

    We'll have 9 sit down meals because of the dining plan and I try to choose buffets because my son will still be under 3 and therefore not on the Dining Plan. Trying to make the most out of the plan this upcoming trip. Haha. If we end up rescheduling our trip I would be planning for less...
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    Jan 2021

    We did end of January into February 2019 and it was chilly! Mornings and evenings we needed heavy hoodies (or coats) but during the day we were usually in long sleeves and pants. I think the entire week we were there we only had one or two days warm enough for the pool, but I don't think the...
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    Stroller Suggestion

    I have a Joovy and I LOVE it. I forget which model I have, but it folds up like an umbrella stroller and has a little bar to stand up and also a carrying strap to make my life easier. The seat also reclines all the way down and the part under their legs can be moved up so they can lay down...
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    September 2021 - crowd expectations?

    Fall definitely isn't "quiet" anymore unfortunately, but then again the only time of the year I've found that is would be the winter when there's a TON closed for refurbishment. Hahaha. Honestly I think it depends on what time in September you go. The beginning of September probably won't be...
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    Can I just vent for a minute...?

    I'm so glad to hear that your Uncle is doing well! I'm also SHOCKED at Florida reopening beaches this weekend. Ugh. One step forward, two steps back. 🤦‍♀️ My coworker actually passed away last week from COVID-19. It's still amazing me how many people aren't taking it seriously, my parents...
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    Plan a backup trip?

    Mostly concerns over crowd levels, but of course there are definitely concerns over COVID-19 and well. We've decided to book a trip for my birthday just incase (March) so we have time to save up the extra $1000ish for my son, but I'm hoping we won't need it.
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    Plan a backup trip?

    I'm currently scheduled for September 26 - October 5th for my son's 3rd birthday and I'm considering coming up with a Plan B. I honestly hate the idea of canceling or rescheduling because we already have our MNSSHP tickets paid for and if we wait we'll have to pay for my son's park tickets (and...
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    Older Kids Touring the World

    I used to go to amusement parks with just my friends around 14-15 years old. I think it depends on your kids. There's definitely a lot for them to do in Epcot that they could easily spend the day there even if they're off doing their own thing. My best suggestion though is to test it. At...
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    The Ultimate Disney Trip - Kid Addition

    I definitely agree with the princess dress and BBB if she's into it! We took my daughter for her 7th birthday and now she's begging to go again when we go back for my son's birthday (hopefully - scheduled for September!) My daughter also loved getting dressed I everyday to go to the parks. She...
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    Can I just vent for a minute...?

    It AMAZES me how incredibly selfish some people can be. My former manager just lost her father in law to the Coronavirus, a current coworker of mine is in the hospital super sick, a friend from high school tested positive but is luckily a mild enough case she's home, but states feeling horrible...
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    Anyone paying for flights?

    I booked our September flights already. We got a great deal and I know if worse comes to worst I'll just reschedule. It's kind of my motivation to just reschedule instead of canceling all together. Haha.
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    Favorite Restaurants with Kids (Table or QS!)

    I've never been to ABC Commissary. :facepalm: Believe it or not I've only been to HS twice in my adult life. Once was about 8 years ago when there was not much there at all - we honestly finished the entire park in less than 3 hours and had Park Hoppers so we didn't stick around. The second was...
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    Can I just vent for a minute...?

    Ugh. I'm sorry that your trip got canceled, but I hope that you and your family are staying well at home. You're 100% right, there are definitely more important things to be worried about right now. Planning my Disney trip just happened to be one of the few things to look forward to - the light...
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    Can I just vent for a minute...?

    I agree! I mean, my almost 9 year old eats 90% more then my 2 year old does. Or create a preschool plan for little kids. Not that it would be easy by any means, but still. My almost 9 year old will definitely finish her meals while my son will have 1/4 of it and the rest will be tossed. If you...
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    Can I just vent for a minute...?

    I'm sorry, that really stinks. I completely understand that it's not Disney's fault they have to close, but you'd think they would be giving some kind of leeway for people who were scheduled to go before their kids turned 3 but then were canceled beyond their control.
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