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  1. kasey1988

    Trip Club May 2016

    May 2- All Star Sports May 3-8 Villas at the Grand Floridian May 8-13 Boardwalk Villas
  2. kasey1988

    Off-topic: My recent non-Disney cruise

    Oh wow, I would be very disappointed to! I live in halifax I sure hope you wernt here when we got all that rain, because we got a ton that week! I couldn't imagine, I am sure there were travellers from canada (maybe even halifax or New Brunswick) on board, that would be even more disappointing!
  3. kasey1988

    Food and drink distribution

    How is this working at cabanas for the buffet?
  4. kasey1988

    Convincing for another Disney trip!!!

    What about a disney cruise? Do one day in the parks before and then head on he cruise! We didn't think we would enjoy cruising more then the parks, but being to the parks 3 times in the past 2 years we are now enjoying cruises!
  5. kasey1988

    WDW or Disney Cruise ??

    We love wdw, but did a 3 night cruise and 8 nights in wdw in September and am hooked on cruising! Going back in January for a 4 night cruise with 2 nights at a disney resort no parks. I say if you've never cruised give it a try!
  6. kasey1988

    Does POFQ ever get the FDP?

    yes! in 2012 and 2013 (September) we booked POFQ with free dining.. for 2014 we booked a bounceback that included free dining at port Orleans, which we were glad since it wasn't included!
  7. kasey1988

    Pre-Trip The we booked a bounceback, and a cruise and rented DVC points PTR

    I'm so hoping to start a trip report soon! But with being a full time student and working things have been a little hectic since we returned! However, we loved our cruise so much we booked another for January 2015! A 4 night on the dream and rented dvc points for 2 nights prior at Saratoga...
  8. kasey1988

    Animal Kingdom Lodge

    Yes! Wall straight threw the lobby and out the back doors and there is some great views of the larger savannah. To the left in the lobby, just past the check on desk there is a smaller savannah. And if you go down to the pool area, you are able to walk past there and view the flamingo area and...
  9. kasey1988

    Lunch on first day?

    Is enchanted garden open for lunch other days as well?
  10. kasey1988

    Port Orleans French Quarter

    We have stayed in building 5 and 7. Both were great. Building 5 facing the pool was our favourite, on the courtyard side was a bit noisy when the movies were on. Building 7 was quiet, but the farthest away. But it's a small resort so really nothing is that far from the main building and pool!
  11. kasey1988

    Port Orleans French Quarter

    Defintly not true. Just returned about 2 weeks ago from 6 nights at pofq, this being our third time staying here. And while it didn't happen often, we did share busses on a few occasions! It's a long ride around riverside when your anxious to get back to your resort. That being said , we love...
  12. kasey1988

    Lunch on first day?

    We grabbed lunch at Cabanas last time, but did see people going into Enchanted Garden. Are the offerings different? what do you prefer?
  13. kasey1988

    Saratoga springs dining?

    We will be here for 2 nights, and have never heard much about the dining options available or the quality? anyone ever dined here? most likely breakfast and lunch and one supper (the other we booked beaches and cream, yum!). or are we better off going to DTD and grabbing a bite to eat?
  14. kasey1988

    Can the partitions to a veranda be open between room...

    Ours was open to both sides when we arrived, we asked the stateroom hostess to close them, no issues!
  15. kasey1988

    Which building at Saratoga springs?

    we wont have a car, but also not doing the parks so busses are not really a concern to us. We just want to be close to the pool, close to food and drinks.. the only place we will be going is downtown Disney :)
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