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Recent content by Jwhee

  1. Jwhee

    News Walt Disney World Christmas holidays 2022

    I guess Peace on Earth tag is forever retired? :( Also- I can’t believe how good they’re doing at making their parks worse. Remove the Christmas lights from the castle? Seriously? Insane
  2. Jwhee

    News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular

    Did you ever see Wishes…? Or Remember Dreams Come True..? Or Illuminations..? The visuals are cool and all, but nowadays often over used. They show be something that adds on to the show, not the main story telling element of it like it is in Harmonious.
  3. Jwhee

    MuppetVision 3D smoke effect - July 2022

    You can see the effect in this video
  4. Jwhee

    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    Would be insanely cool if they built a version of paradise/Pixar pier on that new lake. Could create a new personality and central area for the park.
  5. Jwhee

    News Morocco Pavilion redevelopment

    Complete joke
  6. Jwhee

    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    Is that marvel stunt show coming back anytime soon? Or is former CineMagic still empty?
  7. Jwhee

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Freakin hilarious. Great stuff. Tear down a building then rebuild nearly the same thing in its place. Love to see it though, much better than before.
  8. Jwhee

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    Will that planetarium showcase the real solar system? Or just made up BS?
  9. Jwhee

    Connections Cafe and Eatery

    Why are they calling this fast-casual? What makes it that? When I think of fast-casual I think of a chain like Tijuana Flats where you order at the counter and then they provide table service throughout the rest of the experience. By using the word fast-casual it better be more than your...
  10. Jwhee

    Villain Con (Minions) ride to replace Shrek 4-D (rumor)

    If they retheme the area- what happens to Rockit, Music Plaza and Monsters Cafe?
  11. Jwhee

    Could the Disney*Pixar Film Festival Be Coming To An End?

    They should bring back HISTA. An actual attraction instead of some filler garbage
  12. Jwhee

    News Primeval Whirl, Stitch's Great Escape and Rivers of Light permanently closed

    Alicia Stella is reporting that this will be quickly replaced with another pre-fab coaster or flat ride. Will be interesting to see what happens. has the station building been demolished?
  13. Jwhee

    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    This expansion to WDS seems incredibly lazy and uninspired. The concept art shows a plain walkway through trees, to a pond surrounded by some IP's.
  14. Jwhee

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    It is a fun show. It is very sad to think such a meaningful song “promise” has been replaced by a “fun Disney fountain” post show. overall huge downgrade to the dignity of World showcase.
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