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  1. JustAFan

    most underrated ride?

    I LOVE People Mover!
  2. JustAFan

    Genie+ for 'character sighting'?

    Would you use Genie+ for a 'character sighting'? Knowing the interaction will not be the same as before Covid, is this worth it? It sounds like you would walk through, interact from a distance, then move on. Maybe families with young children will like this?
  3. JustAFan

    Where in The World?

    It is the cupola above Casey's Corner, as viewed from near the hub by Crystal Palace.
  4. JustAFan

    Where in The World?

    I had to say no to the Main Street guess because this view is not visible from Main Street. I'll admit this much: Part of this building is visible from Main Street, just not this part. This pic was not taken from Main Street. This view is not on Main Street or seen from Main Street.
  5. JustAFan

    Where in The World?

    Not the Grand Foridian. @Sbk1234 was closer.
  6. JustAFan

    Where in The World?

    Not Main Street
  7. JustAFan

    Where in The World?

  8. JustAFan

    Dole Whip

    With ya. I got a Dole Whip and didn't even finish it. I was rather underwhelmed. Some like it. I guess to each his own.
  9. JustAFan

    Spaceship Earth Starring Goofy

    Ya lost me there.
  10. JustAFan

    Where in The World?

    Peter Pan's Flight queue?
  11. JustAFan

    What is the worst thing about WDW currently?

    Other: the fact that I'm not there. But, cost would be a close 2nd.
  12. JustAFan

    Where in The World?

    That's it!
  13. JustAFan

    Where in The World?

    Bumping this thread with a pic that should be easy...
  14. JustAFan

    Where in The World?

    Remy's new ride at France in Epcot?
  15. JustAFan

    Walt Disney Imagineering Leaving California, Moving To Florida

    Lower cost of living and no income tax will help the sales pitch. The same salary goes farther in Florida than California.
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