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    What do you do with maps and papers?

    Well,my hobby has nothing to do with with scrapbooking but I collect maps. So old-fashioned you know))) I don't like maps on mobile devices , I prefer something more tangible. I bring them as souvenirs from each place I visit and store them in a box.
  2. J

    Selfie Stick or Not

    Unfortunately, the links are broken... Is it forbidden to have a selfie stick with you?
  3. J

    help with night and firework photo settings please

    Absolutely agree with those who advise using a tripod not to shake your camera. ISO must be about 100-150. Aperture f/8-f/11. Set White Balance to Auto. Take pics in RAW. Generally, that's it. You can also look through some tips in this post -...
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    Disney Springs!

    Hi! Just wanted to say that you picture is amazingly beautiful) How did you get this effect? What editor did you use?
  5. J

    Honor above all

    Honor above all
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