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  1. Jones14

    Marvel Land - Construction/Specifics

    I wanna say the staggered opening refers to the rumored E-ticket that has yet to start construction. That, and their stance that the land is already partially open because of Guardians.
  2. Jones14

    Rise of the Resistance Thread

    So are we looking at a (very slim) possibility that WDW’s Galaxy’s Edge will open with both rides? It would certainly make sense if it’s physically possible, given the panic that Disneyland has been thrown into.
  3. Jones14

    News Blizzard Beach closing for extended refurbishment this year with enhancements coming

    As far as soft hotel bookings go, I don’t see why Disney should be surprised after pushing Mickey and Rise back to next year. If we weren’t local, there’s no way we’d go now/fall when waiting six months or so would give us two new E-Tickets (plus Ratatouille) that were marketed to be open in...
  4. Jones14

    News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Historical Construction/Impressions

    On the marketing front, Falcon didn’t start getting attention until they announced that Rise would not be opening with the land. There’s a video from a few months back with Trowbridge talking about the land, and half the video is hype about how excited they are to show off Rise because of how...
  5. Jones14

    Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure is open

    Also, having been on both, Hagrid and Everest are pretty comparable in terms of overall theming. In fact, the rides share many of the same triumphs and flaws.
  6. Jones14

    The Joys of NO FastPass (DL waits for Falcon average an hour)

    I’d also like to note that we have to throw how well Falcon has been running into the mix of things. It’s high capacity to begin with, and I have seen exactly *one* report of an evac/breakdown for the entire month that it’s been open. Fastpass, crowd levels, etc. notwithstanding, this is the...
  7. Jones14

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I think Carsland’s existence killed Star Wars in DCA before it was even finished back in 2012. The two lands share, at their core, the same premise (once popular and thriving town/ planet has been left behind due to the freeway/hyperspace lanes, and the locals hawk their wares to the visitors...
  8. Jones14

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disneyland opening reports/reviews

    The sound issues should just be a matter of turning up the volume; music and noise that seems loud and booming in an empty area can be barely audible when the area is full of people.
  9. Jones14

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disneyland opening reports/reviews

    I think that would run the risk of redundancy, with Rise going in next door.
  10. Jones14

    Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure is open

    I’ve never understood why all the versions of Hogwarts look so different. Did they change the materials they used for each of them?
  11. Jones14

    News Guardians of the Galaxy attraction confirmed for Epcot

    I always took the bellhops as being ghosts from the 30’s who are materializing in the present day to allow us to check in a la Haunted Mansion.
  12. Jones14

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    I was referring to how it feels when we actually start making that walk back to the new area. Obviously we can form some preliminary opinions based on the plans and artwork, but it’ll likely change for better or worse when we’re there in person.
  13. Jones14

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    I’ll give you that on TRON, but in Rat’s case I’m inclined to disagree. We won’t know for sure until it opens, but Rat’s implementation strikes me as the most carefully thought out of any of the rides being built right now.
  14. Jones14

    New Harry Potter Coaster Confirmed for 2019 (Dragon's Challenge Closing Sept 4th)

    Bingo. I’m holding out hope for some strategically placed straw to at least partially block the view.
  15. Jones14

    New Harry Potter Coaster Confirmed for 2019 (Dragon's Challenge Closing Sept 4th)

    The back row barely goes up, but you really feel the intensity of the backwards section, so it’s a tradeoff in the same way that Everest is. If someone’s worried about intensity, I think they should be more focused on getting a seat in the sidecar versus placement towards the front or the back...
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