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  1. JohnD

    Blackout dates for Gold Annual passes they fixed once posted?

    LOL! My being an Anglican there isn't the mantra of not missing Mass as in the Roman Catholic church. Obviously, they're preparing for the day by wearing their MBs directly to church then heading directly to the parks afterward.
  2. JohnD

    Orlando Informer Meetup - June 2

    Received the email today: On Friday AND Saturday, December 13-14, 2019, Orlando Informer is taking over Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Adventure. With a limited number of tickets on sale, you'll be able to experience your favorite attractions over and over again. Almost...
  3. JohnD

    PotC mist screen removed/turned off for good

    It’s like this: I’m glad you liked it. But it wasn’t an original effect. It’s like people who lamented the loss of the BAH (Big A** Hat) in Hollywood Studios. It wasn’t originally in the park to begin with.
  4. JohnD

    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    I can see it now. A special dining package at 9:30 (after Illuminations) in a signature restaurant. You’re brought to the entrance approx 10:30 after most visitors have left and given a special hardhat with front light to keep. Disney provides you with a sledgehammer (not a keepsake) to smash...
  5. JohnD

    Best Place for Breakfast in the Parks

    Not when it comes to making ADRs at WDW. Get them now while you can.
  6. JohnD

    Best Place for Breakfast in the Parks

    If we're going to expand beyond the parks then I recommend Kona Cafe and Boma: Flavors of Africa. Skillets at Wilderness Cafe are good too.
  7. JohnD

    Fantasmic Fastpass?

    There's the danger zone of the mist from the water screens. May not be an issue but if a more windy night something to keep in mind.
  8. JohnD

    Best Place for Breakfast in the Parks

    All The version of Starbucks that's in the parks with a gazilion types of coffee and pastries MK Plaza Restaurant (haven't been there. But it has all the staples) Crystal Palace (character meal with Winnie and friends) BOG (Prix Fix price which includes pastries, entree, and non-alcoholic...
  9. JohnD

    Heat and humidity tips

    That's pretty much it. Drinking lots of water is imperative. You don't want to get overheated. Make use of the shows where you're seated inside with the A/C. that are anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. Intersperse them between attractions. Include dark ride attractions that are indoors also...
  10. JohnD

    Fantasmic Fastpass?

    It doesn't give you seating "on the 50 yard line" (Comparable to 40 - 50 - 40) if that's what you want to know. You're put on either side of that usually at the end farthest away from the exit. I'd continue using your 4th and greater FPs for other attractions. I've found, though, that...
  11. JohnD

    PotC mist screen removed/turned off for good

    I've never been on the DL version but I'll stipulate it's better than WDW's. (I watched a video of it, though. Looks better to me.)
  12. JohnD

    Booked Pop Century- Now I'm Regretting It

    You shouldn't regret it. It's the best value on property. If you get can get it, ask for the 60s section. It's closest to the central building. Although 50s isn't that far away either. I had great luggage service. Try to get Moe. Plus everything else that has already been said above...
  13. JohnD

    2 nights at All Star Hotel // 4 days at the parks // Can I get fast passes for all four days??

    I'd put priority on AK (FOP) and HS (SDD) for two of the three days. Then decide whether MK or Epcot gets the third day in the 60 days out FPs. Leave the fourth park to 30 days out. Unless they decide to not visit every park.
  14. JohnD

    Offsite with Tickets - How does Fastpass work? Dinner Reservations?

    Answers below: Now questions that I have written down: I hear there is going to be a new show in EPCOT (I will be sad to see Illuminations go...) - Have they announced any dinner packages for it at any restaraunt there, to watch the show while eating? Not yet. All the focus is on Illuminations...
  15. JohnD

    Driving From Mississippi

    I can only answer a portion of your question as I live in Tallahassee. The first part of your question is west of me, so I can't help you there. I can tell you that after the I-10 / I-75 portion of your drive you'll have two tolls once on the Florida Turnpike toward Orlando. First, with cash...
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