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  1. JohnD

    My Disney Experience system status and outages watch

    Like right now. I haven't logged in in weeks (no trips currently planned). It tells me MDE is currently not available then kicks me out immediately.
  2. JohnD

    New enhancements coming to WDW's Haunted Mansion for the 50th anniversary?

    I would rather they do it at the end during Hitchhiking Ghosts. You're facing straight ahead anyway. Have a camera take a photo of you (hopefully without a flash) then insert a random ghost (not necessarily the one from the effect) into the photo. Done.
  3. JohnD

    Rise of the Resistance Thread

    True there will be some who change their plans. Others will probably have to keep their schedules based on when they can go for F&W festival and MNSSHP.
  4. JohnD

    New enhancements coming to WDW's Haunted Mansion for the 50th anniversary?

    One suggested "enhancement" is the removal of the portrait photo "enhancement". It totally ruins the prior effect. Was better when the portraits were dark then, with lightning, outlines light up in neon. For example, the woman became Medusa. Now they're just bright paintings accompanied by a...
  5. JohnD

    Rise of the Resistance Thread

    Three possibilities: 1. She recorded dialogue 2. Her voice was taken from the movies or outtakes 3. Someone else is the voice of Leia In all cases CGI or an AA. Similar to the actors from HP and the fact that she passed, it’s most likely #3.
  6. JohnD

    Rise of the Resistance Thread

    I went last MLK weekend. I had a good time. Cold as... Well it was cold. I stayed at Flamingo Crossings. I made a good weekend of it. I think I can handle it.
  7. JohnD

    Opinions & Advice: 1-Day Itinerary for 2 Middle-Aged Adults

    It sounds like you have a good schedule and know what rides you want to go on, so I won't suggest any more rides. However, other shows you may want to work in, if only to get out of the heat for a bit: Enchanted Tiki Room Country Bear Jamboree Mickey's Philarmagic You may not need a FP for...
  8. JohnD

    News Male comedic characters being looked for a new offering at Animal Kingdom

    I actually I hope so. New actors for Guano Joe to return the bird show back to Flights of Wonder would be wonderful.
  9. JohnD

    Rise of the Resistance Thread

    It edited my post, probably while you were typing. I added, "Except those making plans, hedging their bets. I prefer certainty. So I'll probably plan a WDW trip sometime around MLK weekend in January. "
  10. JohnD

    Rise of the Resistance Thread

    I think because all the imagineers and construction workers are working on the WDW version to ready it for an August 29 opening so might was well continue working on ROTR while they're there. The Blog post even says that they'll return to DL when finished at WDW. I think it balances things out...
  11. JohnD

    Rise of the Resistance Thread

    I like reading this post after-the-fact, with 20-20 hindsight.
  12. JohnD

    Grand Floridian to MK Walkway

    Makes the most sense to me.
  13. JohnD

    News Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue replacing Liberty Inn

    I've been in Liberty Inn plenty of times -- as a shortcut to the restroom.
  14. JohnD

    News Tomorrowland love

    Or maybe something like this from Tokyo Disneyland? Remind you of anything else? Hmm?
  15. JohnD

    News UP! A Great Bird Adventure Getting A Rewrite

    Instead of a guano show, give us Guano Joe!
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