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Recent content by John park hopper

  1. John park hopper

    Amazon Now

    I believe the policy was changed not long ago ----- if you are not there to pick up the delivery and Disney has to bring it to your room you will be charged. Disney may have changed that
  2. John park hopper

    Rain ponchos

    Looks like great weather for the parks
  3. John park hopper

    Garden Grill--Still revolving?

    I used the wrong terminology
  4. John park hopper

    Rain ponchos

    Was going to college in South FL in the early 70's I remember we had snow flurries place I was in had no heat
  5. John park hopper

    Garden Grill--Still revolving?

    Went back in 2017 --very disappointed it had changed so drastically
  6. John park hopper

    Garden Grill--Still revolving?

    Stand corrected you have no choice --no menu
  7. John park hopper

    Garden Grill--Still revolving?

    How many remember the Garden Grill when it was the Good Turn Restaurant and as it revolved you got to see all the behind the scenes of the gardens and it was not a character meal and not a buffet. Ordered off a menu
  8. John park hopper

    Dress code

    We ate at Jiko in May 2019 for our 42 anniversary and dressed according to the dress code (may be a little more)than required -- a couple seated next to us were also dressed according to the posted dress code. A family with 2 kids looked like they just came from the park-- shorts t shirts and...
  9. John park hopper

    Cities in Florida - Thoughts?

    I lived in Boca Raton while going to college many years ago but it has changed not for the better. My sister lives just south of West Palm Beach in Boyton Beach (she has been in South FL 50 yrs) and hates it -has 1 year to retirement and can't wait to leave. Looking further up the coast Orange...
  10. John park hopper

    Happy 98th Birthday Betty White!

    Happy 98th
  11. John park hopper

    Rain ponchos

    Just checked Walmart you can get a light weight frog tog poncho (green) one size fits all for $4.99 and Disney charges 12 bucks --that sounds about right. We have cheap Walmart we bought years ago still good pack them when we go to WDW just incase.
  12. John park hopper

    Dress code

    Places like Jiko have a dress code but like so many of Disney rules are never enforced. so what's the point. Wear what you want or go naked it doesn't matter (sarcasm)
  13. John park hopper

    White smoke exhaust, liquid dripping from exhaust pipe

    HA HA that's a good one
  14. John park hopper

    McDonald's near to Disney All Star Resort to close for remodel

    Really like the old style McD's hate the "modern version"
  15. John park hopper

    2019 NCAA Football Thread - College Gameday is Live from Mainstreet Train Station!!

    I'm curious I'm not a avid college football fan watch the games but don't follow players. Players who leave college in their senior year to go to the NFL do they leave with a college degree? If not and they go too the NFL get hurt and can't play then what-- doesn't seem like a wise choice to me
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