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  1. Ismael Flores

    Disneyland's Rise Of The Resistance - Reviews, Criticism, Deep Thoughts

    He said that the deal goes on sale January 7, will have to ask him again where the info came from. I have a feeling that his sister got the info early since she works in travel service but I agree the pricing seems off
  2. Ismael Flores

    Avengers Campus - Construction/Specifics

    I hope they are not making another SWGE mistake by not opening marvel campus without the main attraction. or that they will wait too long to build and open it
  3. Ismael Flores

    Disneyland's Rise Of The Resistance - Reviews, Criticism, Deep Thoughts

    one of my workers was excited because he is planning a big Disneyland birthday outing with several of his family member. he is the one that told me. he is paying the bill so he was excited because he had budgeted for the regular price and now can invite a couple more. To be honest i have not...
  4. Ismael Flores

    Disneyland's Rise Of The Resistance - Reviews, Criticism, Deep Thoughts

    a little off topic but does anyone know why Disney went thru all the trouble to get costumes to the CMs that fit the land but has security walking around the land with regular security wear. you would think they could also have them dressed up with a costume that showed them as part of a...
  5. Ismael Flores

    Disneyland's Rise Of The Resistance - Reviews, Criticism, Deep Thoughts

    they already announced the so cal discount coming in January. $200 two day
  6. Ismael Flores

    Angels tell Anaheim they're opting out of their lease on Angel Stadium

    this should be the questions asked to him in front of a camera
  7. Ismael Flores

    The Disneyland Resort Annual Performance Review by the City will be heard December 3rd, 2019

    so how did it go unless it is scheduled for later today
  8. Ismael Flores

    Avengers Campus - Construction/Specifics

    I am surprised that no one has noticed that some of the scaffolding of the spiderman building came down. The walls facing the DCA parade route (should i call it that since DCA has no parade :( ) so far it looks pretty bland i am really hoping that since its just a side wall that it will not all...
  9. Ismael Flores

    Tomorrowland new entrance

    It would be great to see them revisit this and see how space was designed to be used for different purposes. I hate how lately they do not think about that and they use huge sections of land for large show buildings and then retail next to it. with the shortage of land in Anaheim they need to...
  10. Ismael Flores

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    I met a family that had no idea galaxy edge was open and where it was. They though tomorrowland in Disneyland was the star wars area. They had just walked thru the pathway from Fantasyland to frontier land. i had to walk them back show them the place and they actually got really excited...
  11. Ismael Flores

    Tomorrowland new entrance

    well it has to be recent since there is a head of Hondo from smugglers run already placed on the top of a cabinet. I think that would put it in a timeline after galaxy edge was in development.
  12. Ismael Flores

    Disney California Adventure: ‘I liked it better as a parking lot’ - OCR/SCNG

    Calico river is no GRR even with the moving maniquins GRR natural setting and rockwork is way above calico river rapids.
  13. Ismael Flores

    Tomorrowland new entrance

    Anyone notice in the latest Disney+. “The imagineering story”. Imagineer Joe Rohde playing around with a mock-up of a large roller coaster with a launch that went straight up? Is that from an existing coaster? also next shot he is looking at a large mock up of tomorrowland and he decides...
  14. Ismael Flores

    New 350 room DVC tower coming to Disneyland Hotel

    I wish they would go ahead with those plans for that property. That hotel with the water feature would be a welcome addition to that area and at least give the Paradise Pier hotel a sense of belonging to the resort.
  15. Ismael Flores

    The ART buses and Toy Story Lot closed for the UNITE HERE Protest

    Sorry but this is why I despise union.
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