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    Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride (Part 2)

    As a Renfaire cast member\street, their "Bit" is painful to watch. Come on guys.
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    News New security measures

    At WDW all week, I note no moms with kid or kids get selected. Guess they don't know terrorist love children?
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    News New security measures

    Awesome! Now WDW can seem as ghetto as Six Flags!
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    Mulch Sweat & Shears end of run?

    Reading this tread is real depressing. Seeing the acts that have played WDW for 10+ get dismissed is one thing but to see how people feel about Cover bands is another. I, being in a 80s cover band (and one who WOULD LOVE to play WDW) find this big time disheartening. The Beatles started as a...
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    Canadian Lumberjack Show to open at Epcot's Canada Pavilion in early October

    Missed opportunity for a pun there. :"The Lumberjacks have been (clear) cut!" "The Lumberjacks have been axed!" "The Lumberjacks have been taken down skidroad!" The Lumberjacks have been !" etc .. :joyfull:
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    WDW IT Layoffs 1/30/2015

    Yeah and the more they do it the more you will see even more data intrusions\ID theft etc..
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    2015 Sounds Like Summer Concert Series

    As a person in a 80s tribute band, the negativeness make me sad. Cover bands like The Mad T Party in DCA are well loved. Why so down on tribute bands? A lot of the real bands sound like shadows of their former selves and are phoning it in with half step\whole step and even 2 whole steps down...
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    AVATAR land construction progress

    The Mountain is coming? I dont think I want to go to that part of the park then.
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    Selfie sticks - is this a thing at WDW yet? Disney clarifies policy

    Now people will resort to the Selfie Shoe next! ;)
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    Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride

    Male, *looks to the left* That's me in the avatar.
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    Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride

    Gonna be a nice place to ....let it go.
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    U.S. Navy Blue Angels flyover of the Magic Kingdom planned for later this week

    I use to live on Commercial Bvld. across from Lockhart when I was a wee lad. Talk about seeing a lot of The Blue Angels =)
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