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    Which of the following highly rated WDW restaurants has the best Food Quality?

    Flying Fish tops my list for a great fish meal at Disney, and Jiko at the top for a meat meal. Hit both places every year. V&A have tried in that DW does not want to 'dress' for dinner. Son has been there and can't wait to go again.
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    When dining at WDW what drives you to choose a restaurant?

    Quality, theme and menu make the determination. Dining experience overall. Want something that I can't easily get at home.
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    Talk to me about Pros and Cons of Resale/ How many points would we need.

    I've been a DVC member (Boulder Ridge) for 19 years now and each year other than the first 2 have wait-listed for the Boardwalk DVC, and only was successful 6 times. So don't count on 7 month changes - they are not always successful.
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    What is your prediction on when we will see Dining Plans come back?

    My family uses the Delux Dining Plan for the convenience it supplies. Rarely using it within the parks, except at Tiffins or the World Showcase, we use it at the Resorts or on the Boardwalk. Yes, it may be overpriced for the exceptional quality many of the previous writers no longer expect...
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    Name one Disney attraction you miss so much it hurts

    Tapestry of Nations at EPCOT/Word Showcase and the Nautilus Submarines at MK.
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    WDW Reopening Estimates

    I would not be surprised to see all the parks reopened by the beginning of September 2020. The funds lost during this shut-down have not been inconsiderable even though park management stopped all upgrades to facilities and property during this period when it could have been done without the...
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    Grand Plan

    Always used the Grand Plan at the Grand Floridian when my family went to DW from the time the GF opened until we bought into the DVC in 2001. The 'gifts' we received in our rooms were always exceptional but the perks that came along with the GP were the prime benefits. Never did stay in the...
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    Big River Grille at Boardwalk

    Stopped there last November (2018) for a late dinner and had an excellent meal with our party of 5. Had no complaints and will definitely go again. Over the years they have maintained excellent quality and we generally stop by for a lunch, not late dinners, and they have taken excellent care...
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    Walking from Wilderness lodge to hoop dee do ?

    Always best to ask at the resort prior to walking anywhere at WDW. Things that were may not be anymore what with the expansions going on everywhere. Could walk in 2018 - but not in 2019 - wonder if the path will be restored once the Reflections is completed?
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    New Seven Seas Lagoon Resort

    Oh How right you are.
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    Does anyone remember the evening parade?

    If they bring back some version it will be unacceptable to those of us who viewed the original many times. Somehow the imagineers fail to get the idea that 'a version' always disappoints. Just make a 'new' night time parade with lots of lights.
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    First Trip to Wilderness Lodge! Tips Appreciated!!

    Ask at the front desk for a sheet which explains the totem poles. Nice to know that they have the information telling what they are all about. The guided tour, of the atrium, is very good, especially if the Christmas Tree is not there and you can see the whole floor from the balconies.
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    News Walk Around the World Bricks to be removed around the Magic Kingdom and TTC

    When first presented as a chance to purchase these bricks the presentation was that they would be the pavement for a walk 'all' around the 7 Seas Lagoon. Of course this did not happen because they could not figure out how to bridge the water pageant canal.
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    News Mizner's Lounge to be expanded at Disney's Grand Floridan Resort into a Beauty and the Beast inspired lounge

    This does not make any sense at all. The GF has always had some upscale class. Having it be 'B&TB' lowers the total theme of the GF. Should be one place where there are no children. This lounge is not a pub.
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