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    MMRR- Sup with Goofy

    I did not notice this what with the ride moving so quickly when it begins and there is so much going on as the ride progresses. Now, on subsequent rides when you are able to take the time to watch individual elements this may be an observation. The first time through - you are seeing lots of...
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    Magic Kingdom's Overhaul or Expansion

    That would never happen … They stopped work in the parks that could have been completed, such as the painting of the MK Castle, when the virus struck. Do things when the crowds are away - they have the attitude of the guests be dammed - we'll do the work around them and let them see we are...
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    Morocco Pavilion facing financial troubles

    Dined there end of October 2020 and it was a full house!!
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    Morocco Pavilion facing financial troubles

    What do they mean by the statement that Spice Road Table will be "walk up" when it reopens?
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    Morocco Pavilion facing financial troubles

    Would not be surprised to see them relocate the Casablanca scene from Great Movie Ride and change Restaurant Marrakesh to Rick's Café or some version of it.
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    Spice Road Table?

    Have dined there every year since it first opened. I was unaware that a 3d party ran the restaurants at the Morocco location. I thought that Morocco selected the staff and ran the restaurants.
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    Spice Road Table?

    Is Morocco no longer being sponsored? OR Has Disney decided that they know what their guests want to eat and how it is to be prepared.....
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    I'm too scared to go to Disney World

    As stated by others - wait until you are comfortable. My flight was only 2.5 hours, my son's flight was, with change of aircraft in Texas almost 8 hours. Flights very clean and safe, airports very watchful to make sure that social distancing is observed and enforced. Magical Express followed...
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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Management is sooooo concerned about expenses that they will ultimately lose guests at the various parks. They always manage to find reasons not to continue with upgrades, new attractions, etc. Covid19 is just another excuse to stop. This is the time to get upgrades done, new attractions...
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    Wilderness Lodge (transportation)

    There was a bus doing that run all while I was there in October.
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    Wilderness Lodge (transportation)

    I believe so - but can't swear to it. The bus was what my family used because staying at the villas was more convienient.
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    Wilderness Lodge (transportation)

    Stayed at Boulder Ridge the end of October 2020 and had dinner reservations at Contemporary. Went down to the pier to get the boat to the Contemporary since I had watched them sailing around Bay Lake. The landing was closed and there was no signage saying NO BOATS. Asked at counter in lobby...
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    Tony's Opinions since Reopen?

    I have never had a meal there that I did not enjoy over the many years that I visit MK. Yes, I tend to stick with the spaghetti and meatballs. I find it a wonder, seeing all the negative reviews, that the restaurant is always full to capacity and reservations are almost never seated on time...
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    Which of the following highly rated WDW restaurants has the best Food Quality?

    Flying Fish tops my list for a great fish meal at Disney, and Jiko at the top for a meat meal. Hit both places every year. V&A have tried in that DW does not want to 'dress' for dinner. Son has been there and can't wait to go again.
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