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    What makes a ride repeatable?

    When I get off the ride and think I have to do that again. Rides I repeat sometimes back to back: Soarin EE FoP Splash MT RNR Coaster ToT Toy Story Mania
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    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad vs Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

    BTMRR by far. I don't even go on 7DMT anymore. To lame.
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    Very Disappointed in Magic Express

    I went to Universal from my resort once. It was a long trip and a little expensive ride. The park tickets were expensive too. $300.00 (for both parks) for 2 people one day and they closed a 7:00 PM. For those who complain that WDW is expensive. I think that WDW is so much better it is...
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    Very Disappointed in Magic Express

    I think they will charge at some time in the future. Then I will go back to booking a town car.
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    Entertainment CMs are getting cut this week

    It is all the little "extras" that got me hooked on WDW vacations. Like the entertainment. I look forward to seeing the Citizens of Hollywood, 4 for a Dollar (really miss them. I haven't been in that theater since), and the street entertainers of EPCOT (I actually got to be King Arthur once)...
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    Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular plane

    I never heard about the plane propeller but I do remember the truck stunt going wrong and I believe someone was killed. However, I would think that the propellers are not real and made from something that is soft and pliable in case an accident did occur.
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    Is Rise of the Resistance worth the hype and stress?

    I voted no. I haven't been to WDW since it opened but a vacation is supposed to be relaxing. One of the reasons we go to WDW is the "Once I board the plane I am taken care of" that Disney provides. I don't want any stress on my vacation.
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    Favourite Quiet Seating Area

    Epcot: shaded area across from Germany Pavilion. MK: Rocking chairs near HOP AK: Grab a beer and sit across from entrance to Tusker House HS: Used to grab a treat and sit at the tables that is now Starbucks
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    Who Wants A Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Dark Ride?!

    I think it's a great idea and it should be somewhere in Liberty square since it is in the time period.
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    Will Disney Parks ever go cashless and just take debit and credit cards?

    I never carry cash nor a credit card at the parks. I put my card on my magic band and use that. It's easier and safer.
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    Where’s the Na’vi Shaman?

    Sorry folks but the same company who built yeti built this animatronic also.
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    Unpopular opinion: preshows kind of suck 90% of the time

    Me I'm still trying to figure out what ride RotR is.
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    Rate the Scariest WDW Rides

    UH there are no floor affects in TTBB. Since the theater is below ground level I wonder what you felt. This is a Zoo and with feed around there must be rodents around.
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    Rate the Scariest WDW Rides

    To add to the thrill of EE. I always notice that there is more than one train on the track at one time. What would happen if the computer had a melt down?
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