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Jul 27, 1948 (Age: 74)
North Carolina via Vermont
Favorite Park
Favorite Attraction
SSE & Soarin
Favorite Parade
Main Street Electric Parade
Favorite Character
Seems like that should be obvious!
Last Visit to WDW
September 2019
Favorite Disney Movie
Mary Poppins / The Return of Mary Poppins/ Saving Mr. Banks
Next Visit to WDW - Location
Gender Pronouns
Number of WDW Trips
Last one was 47...


#stopthestupid! #NOW
Everything that I post on these boards is my opinion. I have no insider connection and only rely on my sense of reason and what seems the most logical to me. There will be no source other then my head.
Just because I stopped responding, doesn't mean you won the debate.
"if I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself"


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