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Recent content by Goofnut1980

  1. Goofnut1980

    News Disney Villains After Hours coming to the Magic Kingdom this summer

    We went to the first one in June. I thought it was a complete waste of money and I like special events.
  2. Goofnut1980

    News D23 Expo 2019

    I wish they would have a digital version of the booklet to download so we can see the full line up of everything including maps of the layout well before arriving.
  3. Goofnut1980

    News Blizzard Beach closing for extended refurbishment this year with enhancements coming

    Do you ever think a 3 park would come to the area for Disney? I bet they hit some good capacity in the warmer weather. Although with the ticket price hikes, I bet it's not as busy now.
  4. Goofnut1980

    New enhancements coming to WDW's Haunted Mansion for the 50th anniversary?

    I love that they digitized the pictures, but we don't need the picture. If you don't know it is there, the picture can look dumb. You are looking all over the place with a blank look in your face.. not "frightened"
  5. Goofnut1980

    News Re-Usable Bag Price Increases

    I get the reusable bag idea, but most people will end up throwing them away anyways and it will be even thicker of a material that will never break down. It doesn't make sense. The thing is, they would have to provide something for items being shipped back to the resort. Not to mention, if I...
  6. Goofnut1980

    Are We Getting A 50th Nighttime Show for MK?

    Should we start a petition to bring back the pink cake? but this time we could make it, orange and theme it to the tiki birds... :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious:
  7. Goofnut1980

    Park Ticket price potentially increasing

    I would be ok with a few less people in the parks... lol
  8. Goofnut1980

    News Disney Villains After Hours coming to the Magic Kingdom this summer

    Overall my opinion. It wasn’t anything you could just call to be a villain party. They didn’t even get all of the merchandise in for the event. I wanted the hat and it never came in. So they told us to come back in a few days and they should let us buy it if we show we had a ticket. Maleficent...
  9. Goofnut1980

    News Disney Villains After Hours coming to the Magic Kingdom this summer

    The barbosa in pirates was lip synced. The guy kept messing up the words.
  10. Goofnut1980

    Changes to Fastpass+ Tiers at Hollywood Studios Effective 8.29

    I couldn't agree more.. so dumb! Why bother having a tier. Just let it go back to paper tickets or none at all. Then its only 1 at a time.
  11. Goofnut1980

    News 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays

    I think we need Christmas all year! haha
  12. Goofnut1980

    Linking credit card to magic band

    Also, doesn't Disney take Apple Pay??? Put a card on your phone.
  13. Goofnut1980

    What is the worst ride in Hollywood Studios? (Quality-wise)

    I like the rides at Disney. They just need better maintenance for the attractions to keep them as they were when they opened. Simple things in each ride tend to break or get shut off, and they don't fix or turn them back on. They can have such an amazing attention to detail and sometimes those...
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