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  1. Gaston's gal

    Planning our first trip to WDW with a toddler

    When we took our daughters when they were toddlers, our favorite memories are watching their expressions. Whether they were seeing a parade, meeting a character, riding a ride, their joy and excitement is what I remember. Try to just enjoy that and you will have a fabulous time. For you and...
  2. Gaston's gal

    AKV Kidani or CSR

    I agree with MrsDouble. I have stayed at both and Kidani is top notch. Don't give up hope. As you get closer, something may open up. Enjoy your time at WDW!
  3. Gaston's gal

    Face masks?

    I don't need the ear saver at all. I order the Adult Medium and it fits me perfectly. The fabric on my face and on my ears is quite comfortable too. You can wash it in the sink at night and hang it to dry and it will be ready to use the next day at the parks or wherever you go.
  4. Gaston's gal

    Going in september

    I think September will be a good time. I wouldn't think too much should be closed since they are preparing for Magic Kingdom's 50th Anniversary Celebration. You can enjoy the Fall/Halloween decorations & treats at the parks. Definitely hope that they have MNSSHP this year. If you get a...
  5. Gaston's gal

    Face masks?

    I really like wearing the masks that Disney sells. The material is comfortable and it fits very well. If you buy them at a Disney store, you can buy them individually & are a little bit less expensive than online or once you arrive at WDW. Have fun!
  6. Gaston's gal

    Resort split stay

    We were just at WDW at the beginning of January. They moved our luggage for us from Poly to Riviera without any issues at all.
  7. Gaston's gal

    Pop or Movies

    POP does have fabulous theming, plus having access to the Skyliner is super nice. It is my favorite value resort by far.
  8. Gaston's gal

    Best hotels for couples?

    You could try for one of the Tower Studio rooms at Disney's Riviera since they are less likely to be around small children. The Polynesian resort is so relaxing that you would always enjoy leisure time there too.
  9. Gaston's gal

    POP to Grand Floridian Travel Time?

    We were just at WDW at the beginning of January. We did walk from the Poly and back on the new walkway and enjoyed it. It didn't feel like a long walk at all. If you leave POP by 8am by bus for MK, you should make it there by foot in plenty of time. Enjoy your breakfast at GF Cafe!
  10. Gaston's gal

    Annual passes in 2021.

    Don't less your pass expire would be the advice I would give. I let my pass expire as all of this began to unfold & wasn't able to renew, even as much as I begged.
  11. Gaston's gal

    Polynesian Construction Noise?

    We just stayed at the Polynesian this past week and never heard any construction noise. It was just as relaxing to us as ever. Enjoy your visit!
  12. Gaston's gal

    Resort Hopping?

    We also like to explore the various resorts so we can see where we would like to stay on our next visit. With that being said, today at the Skyliner, they did ask where we were going and asked for proof that we indeed were going there for more than just a casual visit. (We were going to...
  13. Gaston's gal

    Help us decide!! Riviera, BLT, or Kidani?

    We are at the Riviera for the first time this weekend. They have incredible food & drink options for their Quick Service (at Primo's, Bar Riva and La Petit Cafe), an INCREDIBLE dinner at Topolino's, numerous lounging areas for any time of the day and the room accommodations are very nice. I...
  14. Gaston's gal

    Gideon's Bakehouse coming to Disney Springs

    I am so glad we got in on Thursday. We had the original Chocolate Chip and Cookies & Cream cookies along with their Red Velvet cake and a couple of their Cold Brews. May have been a long wait, but well worth it!
  15. Gaston's gal

    Comfortable and breathable youth face mask

    The masks that Disney sells are actually the most comfortable masks I have worn. You can buy them individually at your local Disney Store or in Disney Springs.
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