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  1. FNG

    Who else is thinking about waiting until 2020 or so to go back to the World?

    We are going to try to wait. Just plotted out potentially 3 trips in 2020 after nothing from August of ‘18 until then. The temptation to go before then may get us, but as of now, planning to get APs for 2020 and run Dopey, go either at spring break or early June, and then run Wine and Dine.
  2. FNG

    Free Dining package discounts 2018 now available for booking

    They got me with the free dinning offer. Wasn't planning on another trip until Aug of 2019, but the price and availability for early August this year sucked me right in.
  3. FNG

    Which Deluxe is your favorite and why?

    Just stayed at the Poly for the first time and location is great. Also theming, dinning and other amenities are fantastic. The pools and pool bars at the Poly are awesome. So relaxing and the service was great! The one thing about EPCOT access via TTC is that you have to process security...
  4. FNG

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

  5. FNG

    MDE app and website are both down, when will they be fixed???

    MDE app seems to be fully functional. Checked dinning reservations and FP+ capability.
  6. FNG

    Trip Report First DVC stay Boardwalk

    One week out now. We have been able to move our first FoP FP to an earlier time which will allow us to avoid going back to AK after an afternoon break on day 5. Weather is looking good, much cooler than what it is now. I know that will change a few times over the next couple days. Ready to...
  7. FNG

    Trip Report First DVC stay Boardwalk

    We know BOG breakfast and lunch are QS. Have done dinner there and enjoyed it. We will be using QS credits and the kids requested it, so that's the plan. I have heard many people complain about many different QS restaurants. Some we enjoy, some we don't. We want to experience things for...
  8. FNG

    Trip Report First DVC stay Boardwalk

    Tomorrow is Fastpass+ day. Hoping for at least one FoP
  9. FNG

    Trip Report First DVC stay Boardwalk

    Added Fireworks dessert party for HEA on Saturday the 28th. Didn't think there was any availability left, but the persistent rechecking paid off.
  10. FNG

    Trip Report First DVC stay Boardwalk

    This is my first attempt at a trip report. Three kids (14, 11, 9) my wife and I staying at the Boardwalk in a studio for our first trip as DVC members! We joined kind of on a whim, kind of planned during our last trip in April. The salesman was very good, but the decision made sense for us...
  11. FNG

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

  12. FNG

    The Music of Pixar Live! coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios this summer

    Will they keep this around through the fall/winter? Especially with GMR going down next month, it would be nice to keep around.
  13. FNG

    ESPN Wide World of Sports Expansion

    Still wish they'd build a nice competition pool
  14. FNG

    New Discounts on Tickets for DVC Members

    My wife and I are eligible for renewal in early September. We have platinum passes, does anyone know if we could get Platinum Plus for the renewal discount price of the Platinum pass? The price difference isn't actually that much, so probably worth it just to upgrade, but thought I would...
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