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    Any new updates?

    There are plenty of pictures from the past few days across the internet. You just got to go looking for them. :)
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    Staggs says changes to Fantasyland...

    Don't post on this site much anymore but I wanted to say thanks to Lee & juan. You two are the only ones that post on this site with good information in regards to the Fantasyland Forest expansion. I (unlike others) understand that everything with this expansion and other projects are constantly...
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    Frontierland Expansion Rumor

    It's coming from credible people with credible sources. :wave: Even Lee & Martin (unless their all of a sudden not credible any longer :shrug:) have agreed to such a possibility. However, as with any rumor, it should be taken lightly. I guess your sources aren't matching up to others then.
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    Frontierland Expansion Rumor

    Indeed, any explanation for the vanishing thread?
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    Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Face Character Casting Call

    The movie looks pretty bad - like a Dreamworks film. I'd rather not see them in the parks.
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    Star Tours II 3D tentative reopening date - May 17 2011

    Lee, do you know if either one will be receiving any changes to their exteriors?
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    what is this??

    It's either parking or a new pond. It's been worked on for the past several months. People mistakenly took this construction for the FLE construction when viewing it from riding the train.
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    Expert's Planned Attraction Updates?

    Maybe a smart business move to not commit the time and money into that project, but that doesn't mean it won't go to other projects. It wouldn't be plussed, they'd be cut in favor of other development in Magic Kingdom.
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    Expert's Planned Attraction Updates?

    I'm thinking it's TLM, BatB, and the Dumbo areas that are probably committed. I see Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Pixie Hollow still up in the air, but I don't know for sure. I think regardless of what happens, they want to add in a second Dumbo spinner, so thats why I think it's part of the...
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    Expert's Planned Attraction Updates?

    According to what I hear, this is true. Seems like Tom Staggs could be the one provoking it too as he doesn't like the concept of families (that could include boys) waiting an hour+ just to see a princess. "Phase 1" which includes TLM dark ride & the BatB area is defiantly happening. There is a...
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    Eddie Sotto's take on the current state of the parks

    It's not a myth, it's a fact. We do have a shorter version of Pirates with less scenes than Disneyland's. However, which ever one you prefer is completely opinion. I prefer Disneyland's since its much more impressive with the Bayou scene, two drops in the massively long cave scene, the finale...
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    What is up with Peter Pans Flight?!

    I guess this post went invisible earlier?
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    What is up with Peter Pans Flight?!

    Half of the "new" facade has been revealed. It's now blue and they removed the top awnings, only leaving the front facing design. Picture from WDWNTNick on Twitter:
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    Eddie Sotto's take on the current state of the parks

    The iPhone 4 is absolutely amazing. I honestly didn't think the retina display was going to be a big deal, but looking back at my 3GS... wow. I love iMovie and HD video, it will make my live reports from the parks much easier (and better quality). Though I found out the other day that there is...
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    Disney Transportation new buses?

    They look identical to the previous ones, just the back has been changed slightly. They have their bus number followed by "-10" on them for 2010. I saw several in April, but didn't see a big enough change that it was worth taking a picture of.
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