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Recent content by Eric Graham

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    Unusual things to do outside the parks

    A Fireworks Cruise is very fun!
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    Is the light saber workshop worth it?

    My wife and I really enjoyed it. The person that led our event was really good. We both thought it was a lot of fun! Great presentation. Not too kiddie. If you buy one, there is a youtube video that tells how to change the batteries in the lightsaber. Have fun!
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    Club Level (Regatta Club) at the Yacht Club: Opinions?

    And with Club Level, they used to let you pay extra money for three extra fastpasses. Making it a total of six. All of that is gone now. . .
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    Club Level (Regatta Club) at the Yacht Club: Opinions?

    We just stayed club level at the Beach Club in early October. I would not pay that price to stay there ever again. The quality of food has tremendously gone downhill. Better food quality at McDonalds. You're better off paying for Deluxe meals than spending this amount of money on club level...
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    Magic Band Shipment

    I got my magicband+ to finally work. Hooray!
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    What is the most over-rated and under-rated restaurants in WDW?

    We really enjoy The Boathouse. The lobster is really amazing! It's also really nice to sit by the water and eat peel and eat shrimp as an appetizer as well!
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    Magic Band Shipment

    Wish I would've gone with the old one like my wife did!
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    Magic Band Shipment

    My magicband+ still wont pair. I've been on the phone repeatedly with Disney. Still not working . . .
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    Wilderness Lodge Vs Beach Club

    The Boardwalk is also steps away that just opened up a new deli also. We enjoy the Big River Grill there also.
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    Wilderness Lodge Vs Beach Club

    I would definitely recommend the Beach Club over the Wilderness Lodge, Walking distance to Hollywood Studios and Epcot. One of the pools is a saltwater pool. Really incredible. The steakhouse is very good at the Beach Club also!
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    They're really doing hardly housekeeping at all now. Just every other day Light housekeeping.
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    Disney Mickey Lenticular Picture

    I purchased a lenticular poster that is very neat. It only cost $20. I am very happy with my purchase. It is in 3D and it has all of the Mickey's surrounding it. What a deal! It is so very cool! It is from a huge box retailer. I don't work for the company. Thought I'd pass along.
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    The “wealthy” is not going to work

    Without naming such company I mean.
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    The “wealthy” is not going to work

    On these forums can you post something you bought that is neat that other people would enjoy? I don't work for the company. Just really fun!
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