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  1. EpcotCenter82

    Rumor The Wave to become an 'Incredibles Steakhouse'

    I think it would be cool to return the decor in the Grand Canyon Concourse to how it appeared when the resort opened in 1971. Those neat (at least to a 13-year-old at the time) plexiglas trees, the vibrant carpet that matched the colors of the Mary Blair mural, etc.
  2. EpcotCenter82

    Disney Resorts with 24-hour Pools

    I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think the only pools open 24 hours are the quiet pools, like at Port Orleans Riverside and Caribbean Beach. All of the feature pools now have fences and are locked at certain times during the day.
  3. EpcotCenter82

    Contemporary questions

    It must have been many summers ago. For summer 2019, a Tower theme park view runs $700/night plus tax plus parking. The least expensive times to stay at the Contemporary are early to mid-January and most of Sept. Same rooms runs $625/night (plus 12.5% tax + $24 a day parking)
  4. EpcotCenter82

    Contemporary questions

    Also need to add $24 a night for parking.
  5. EpcotCenter82

    Contemporary questions

    Main Tower - Theme Park View room is $850/night the week before and week after Easter. Same room is $878/night the week between Christmas and New Year's Day - these are the most expensive times for a WDW visit.
  6. EpcotCenter82

    All you need to know about 'Service Your Way' at Walt Disney World Resort hotels

    I thought the dog friendly rooms ended in October due to lack of interest?
  7. EpcotCenter82

    Triton Class Confirmed as the Project Name for New Ships

    Triton Class Confirmed as the Project Name for Disney Cruise Line’s LNG-Powered New Builds https://disneycruiselineblog.com/2019/01/triton-class-confirmed-as-the-project-name-for-disney-cruise-lines-lng-powered-new-builds/
  8. EpcotCenter82

    Looking like a canceled trip for us :(

    Portions of interstate 95 are closed today in North Carolina and South Carolina. I-95 is closed from exit 13 at Hwy. 74 to exit 22 at Fayetteville Rd. . The interstate is closed in both directions and North Carolina state officials say the closure is expected through Sept. 26. I-95 north and...
  9. EpcotCenter82

    Looking like a canceled trip for us :(

    I'd be careful. I'm in South Carolina and the storm has not made it here yet and it's 3:00 am. They are talking about the storm crawling across the state all day today and Saturday. Some locations will get 15 to 20 inches of rain between Friday and Sunday. A category 1 storm is nothing to...
  10. EpcotCenter82

    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    Yes, me too! Still waiting on Disney to address the sight lines with the Swan & Dolphin.
  11. EpcotCenter82

    News New Pixar-themed children's experience coming to Disney’s Contemporary Resort

    PIxar Play Zone takes the place of the game stop arcade on the 4th floor (Grand Canyon Concourse). When Bay Lake Tower was under construction, Disney moved everything around in the Tower to make it easier to access certain services for DVC members. The arcade and quick service location on...
  12. EpcotCenter82

    2018 Epcot food and wine dates?????

    August 31, 2017 - November 13, 2017 were last year's dates.
  13. EpcotCenter82

    2018 Epcot food and wine dates?????

    I'd love to know also. Maybe it has something to do with the rehab of the Wonders of Life pavilion which usually serves as the Festival Center?
  14. EpcotCenter82

    Rumor Siemens is going to end their sponsorship with the parks - Spaceship Earth and IllumiNations

    I always wondered how many cars GM sold as a result of people riding World of Motion and Test Track and if they thought investment in the pavilion was worthwhile.
  15. EpcotCenter82

    Bye bye Mickey soaps?

    The fellow who runs the Port Orleans fan site has this schedule posted. However, they are reportedly behind schedule: Building 2 — Jan 6 – Feb 9, 2018 Building 3 — Jan 23 – Feb 25, 2018 Building 1 — Feb 10 – Mar 13, 2018 Building 5 — Feb 26 – Mar 31, 2018 Building 4 — Mar 14 – Apr 16, 2018...
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