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    No surprise, but Disney Wish to be delayed

    Thats fine by me as I still have to get on the Fantasy for my August '21 cruise. I'd hate to be behind on which ships I sail on before the Wish is launched. ;)
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    DCL without kids?

    My first cruise ever was in 2013 on the Dream with my wife before we had children. We had grown slightly tired of the parks and wanted to do something different. A cruise seemed like a good idea and coupled with the quality, we thought we would give it a shot. Even though there are children...
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    Three ships in port today!

    I've been on the Dream, Magic, and Wonder. The latter two are cozier but the Dream seems grander. I like to make this comparison. If you've been to WDW first, then to Disneyland, you feel like you've been there already but haven't. They both have a familiar feel. Obviously, there is...
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    After some info on history

    That wasn't always the case. There was a time I would always keep the previous KTTW card in my wallet. On one trip I took that one out instead and the kiosk spat out a ticket. Needless to say, on my subsequent trip a few months later, I may have brought some previous cards. That loophole...
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    Two cruises were canceled for me this year, so we are doing 7 nights on the Fantasy next year. We haven’t done a seven nighter nor been on the Fantasy. So there’s that.
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    Barber shop

    Michael has cut my hair a few times over the years. It’s kind of scary that he remembers me when I used to get once a year cuts there.
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    Your Disney Memorabilia

    Years ago I had a seat and harness from Alien Encounter. I had plans to do something with it but I eventually sold it on eBay.
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    Key West issues statement on masks

    Just think of the terrible tan lines while at the pool. I had two cruises canceled this year and we are rolling those into a bigger one in August of '21. Like most of you, we are hoping that things will be mostly normal by then. If not normal, but better and the virus is more controlled, I...
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    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    I can only think that maybe because there are less guests, less wear and tear inside. If they aren’t running their full routes, the same may be true. They need to be maintained, but lack of use may not make it as bad.
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    Saratoga Springs Question

    Looking back at some of my pictures, if you move the table and chairs, and if you have a smaller air mattress, it is possible but may be tight.
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    Saratoga Springs Question

    Studios at last check only have a queen size bed and a pullout that is also about full size or possibly queen. A 1 bedroom has a queen size bed and a pullout in the living area.
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    Riviera Rental

    Hi Guys, I dont know if I am allowed to post this but here goes. Two of my cruises were canceled and I am stuck with a preferred studio at Riviera for July 18th and out the 20th. Would anyone be interested in renting that from me?
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    Beauty and the Beast (courtesy of Disney Cruise Blog)

    It was on the Dream last time I was there.
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    I’m waiting for DCL to cancel my July 20th Cruise. The next question is if I cash out or take a future credit. As you said, bad sign for the industry.
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