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  1. "El Magnifico"

    Buses Going Away or Pay?

    My opinion only. But this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the “resort fee”. That would include all the amenities of your home resort along with unlimited use of Disney transportation resort wide. Not staying on site? No problem. You can purchase a pass through Genie. Disney is...
  2. "El Magnifico"

    Buses Going Away or Pay?

    I’ve speculated for a while that a “Transportation Pass” is on the horizon. Still don’t know how far away that horizon is but it’s there.
  3. "El Magnifico"

    Random Observation: Walking Behavior Past vs Today

    My random observation about walking behavior is that now - 80% people have no idea who/what is in front of them because their head is buried in their cell phones. In the past if on occasion someone inadvertently bumped into you they'd say "excuse me" and we'd continue on our separate ways. Now...
  4. "El Magnifico"

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    I enjoy non-park days as much (if not more) than my park days.
  5. "El Magnifico"

    Return to normality tracker

    To address the title of the post: Not today. Tomorrow’s not looking good either.
  6. "El Magnifico"

    Suggest a new name for the W. Redskins

    The Washington High Class Call Girls? I’d bet they’d have a pretty cool logo. The merch would sell.
  7. "El Magnifico"

    Suggest a new name for the W. Redskins

    I think Lobbyists has real potential. Every time the opposing team scores - a Lobbyist team member or coach can attempt to bribe the officials to throw a late flag thus nullifying the score. They could also be lobbying for possession of the the football to begin each half and to obtain extra...
  8. "El Magnifico"

    Suggest a new name for the W. Redskins

    Washington Lobbyists. You’ll not find a better more fitting name.
  9. "El Magnifico"

    Kali River Rapids vs Popeye & Bluto's Blige-Rat Barges

    Popeyes is inexpensive and has less grease. Popeyes gets my vote over KFC as well
  10. "El Magnifico"

    Kali River Rapids vs Popeye & Bluto's Blige-Rat Barges

    Popeye’s costs less. Popeye’s gets my vote.
  11. "El Magnifico"

    Boatwright’s Dining Hall and Story Book Dining to reopen

    Well. There goes my dream for an ACME Oyster House, Oceania, Muriel’s, or Tropical Isle tie-in. Cause nothing “screams” NOLA like Boatwrights.
  12. "El Magnifico"

    How does having different ethnic Santa’s work?

    My kids are going to want to know which Santa is going to bring them the most presents. If it happens to be the one from Equatorial Guinea. That'll be their favorite.
  13. "El Magnifico"

    Kilimanjaro Safari- Poaching story line: Do you miss it ?

    I've got mixed feelings about it. It's always good to shed light on and bring attention to - what happens with poaching. On the other hand people don't really want to think about those types of things while on vacation.
  14. "El Magnifico"

    Gulfstream VERY close to the castle

    It’s an up charge option for Galactic Cruiser. Once inside Disney airspace all those aboard start yelling “Pew, Pew, Pew” Whaddya figure Chapek is charging for that?
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