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Recent content by ebockelman

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    Dole Whip Update

    Sweet Frog has the different flavors of Dole Whip.
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    News Disney testing smart speakers in guest rooms at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club

    Ever pop one of these onto a dedicated network and looked at a Wireshark trace to see what it shows? You won't see much unless you utter the wake word. These smart speakers won't transmit what you are saying until they are activated. Then they send a very compressed version of the audio...
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    Pandora: The World of Avatar Soundtrack

    Has anyone seen this on a non-Apple music store (Amazon, Google, etc.)?
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    Disney Springs recommendations?

    I second this. When we went, the service was slow, orders were inaccurate, and the food had high amounts of grease and little flavor. Easily the worst food I've had in 20+ years of visiting Disney.
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