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    Imagining Disney animatronics with masks

    Fozzie: *Wearing a mask* Mmmm Mmmhmm! Mhhaa mhhha! (Translation: And That's all! Wacka wacka!") Statler: Well, there's one positive to the masks! Waldorf: Yeah, it shuts him up! Both: Ohohohohhh!!!
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    Which attraction would you want to be barefoot on least?

    Attraction I wouldn't go barefoot on: Splash Mountain. Love the ride with every Disney-fiber in me, but those logs are nasty Attraction I would go barefoot on: ......
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    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    "Every frame of this looks like somebody's last known photograph"- Joel. Finally scored a copy of this for the bad movie collection.
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    Imagining Disney animatronics with masks

    When Buzzy returns, y'all think he'll need to go into quarentine?
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    Make a Hated Attraction Better!

    Free Dole Whip if you get all the way up
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    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    "Join me Alex..join the Goof side. We can cause chaos all of the g'warsh galaxy!"
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    what are you binge watching during a quarantine?

    MST3K Rifftrax Hoarders Hell's Kitchen Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell
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    Iger and Chapek Livid With Lucasfilm

    When I saw RoS in theaters someone next to me muttered "Pick a plot and stick with it. Is she a nobody or the *****ing Queen of England??" Definately made the experience better
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    Favorite Coasters?

    The coaster-style drop on Splash is one of my favorite parts of any Disney ride, but Everest definitely takes the cake
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    Why is construction still happening at Universal, but not Disney?

    They're the crew they hired at first to fix the yeti
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