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  1. DLR92

    News Jessica Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

    OMG…Why!? 😭😭😭
  2. DLR92

    Enchant Key & Pirate Pass: New AP Names Challenge

    It a shame WDW gotten lame names for passport. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 I created more in-tune with DL passport naming along with Disney related IP Illusionary Magic Pass Dreamers Pass Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Pass Galactic Cosmic Space Pass
  3. DLR92

    Horrible maintenance at DCA today (9/14/21)

    Oh no…I just hope they don’t become ignored forever like what happen in IJA. A lot of props don’t work as much in IJA, that was my fear about RSR long run. :(
  4. DLR92

    News Jessica Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

    I wonder if Disney looking to intentionally tone down her design looks as well? I would hope not, maybe just tad bit lower her slit of her dress. That it!
  5. DLR92

    Toad Revamp

    I like Mr. Toad as is. But I feel it deserve respected touch ups…it a classic of Disneyland!
  6. DLR92

    Pelican’s Landing

    If it has no ties to any movies…bravo!
  7. DLR92

    Tokyo DisneySea Turns 20

    Amazing how concept form Long Beach turn into a better planned park. And a majestic one too! Happy Birthday Tokyo Disney Sea! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  8. DLR92

    Disneyland announces dates for Christmas parades, fireworks and food fest - OCR/SCNG

    The food festival is greatly appreciated for DCA!
  9. DLR92

    Proof of Vaccination or Negative COVID Test required for theme parks soon?

    At this point I don’t mind if business require to mandate proof of vaccine. The vaccine isn’t scary and shouldn’t be. It wasn’t at all bad beside the awful sore I felt that last 2 days for the 2 separate doses.
  10. DLR92

    WDW As The Only Vacation Option: Why?

    I’m from the west coast. I grew up with Disneyland. I heard of WDW as a kid, always wanted to try out WDW. My parent could not afford a WDW vacation. My mom Would rather spend that type of money to visit Korea for a month with me. Now that I’m older, WDW is not a ideal place I would seek for a...
  11. DLR92

    Disney cancels free tickets for Anaheim sixth-graders, cites pandemic - OCR/SCNG

    That really leave a bad taste in Disney. I’m disappointed of their action to no longer offer this program.
  12. DLR92

    Destinations Other Than Disneyland: Where To?

    My top list to travel are Morocco, S. Korea, Spain, and France. And definitely Croatia. I have deep want to do a weekend stay in Utah to see my Godmother. It been awhile.
  13. DLR92

    Have the Trams gone to Yesterland?

    There no excuses for Disney not to offer trams or upgrade new ones. If they can spend millions of dollars for splash redo…they got money to replace/upgrade the tram system.
  14. DLR92

    How do you think Disneyland would look if Walt had lived 5 more years?

    Walt was very fixated on his plan of Epcot. IMO would be a complete failure.
  15. DLR92

    Is there space at Disneyland to build new rides without replacing clasics?

    The outer boundaries that Disney marked as Disneyland makes me wonder if Disney would consider reutilizing the building next to Mickey Runaway Train Attraction for a smaller attraction for ToonTown in the future?
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