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  1. DisneyAubs

    Looking for table service places to eat. Inexpensive for 8?

    If your crew can agree on pizza toppings, Via Napoli is one of our go to table-service restaurants when we’re trying to be more economical.
  2. DisneyAubs

    Describe your first trip to WDW. How old were you? What year was it?

    My first trip was in 1983. I was only 9 months old. We routinely vacationed in Clearwater, so I’m pretty sure it was a one day trip to Magic Kingdom. My parents, grandparents, sister (age 5) and uncle (age 12?). I don’t remember anything, but my pictures are adorable! LOL The first trip I...
  3. DisneyAubs

    Would you splurge on a 1 bedroom villa for 2 sisters?

    If you enjoyed the Club Level experience at Cont, this could be a great chance to try Club Level at another deluxe! Also, if ASMu family suite is on your list now, I’d suggest AoA family suite instead. You’ll have access to the Skyliner, I really enjoy their food court (and Pop’s food court has...
  4. DisneyAubs

    CBR vs Coronado

    We stayed at Coronado on our most recent trip, and CBR the time before that. I really loved both, and I have a hard time choosing between the two. My kids, however, would choose CBR. Don't get me wrong--they still really liked Coronado! It's the kiddie pool area at CBR that they missed...
  5. DisneyAubs

    When Planning Please Consider using a Disney TA (Kingdom Konsultant) to support them during this tough time.

    Thanks for the Kingdom Konsultant shoutout @monothingie ! I'm Agent Aubrey. This has been a crazy time, for sure! One thing keeping me going is looking past quarantine and helping plan future vacations for my clients! We all need a light at the end of this tunnel. :)
  6. DisneyAubs

    Is there a smell....

    When my kids were babies/toddlers and ate those little puffs there is an apple flavor we used to get that smells just like the apple pie scent in the Be Our Guest scene of Mickey’s Philharmagic!
  7. DisneyAubs

    Coke freestyle machines French quarter

    I’m picky about the “Florida water” taste. The ice machines must have really good filters because we like to fill up our wide mouth bottles (nalgene) as full as possible with just ice. As it melts throughout the hot day we still have super cold water and it tastes just fine.
  8. DisneyAubs

    Epcot now selling giant multi-layered cotton candy!

    Cotton candy is my weakness!!! This beauty might actually be enough for me to willingly share with the kids!
  9. DisneyAubs

    Just for fun.... You have the chance to work any job in WDW, what would you like to do??

    Ooh, fun question! I used to dream of being a CM on The Great Movie Ride. Part tour guide, part actor. Dramatic (re)entrance and all that. It would have been awesome! Now I think the best gig would be one of the Royal Historians at the Frozen Sing Along! For a creative job that is. The...
  10. DisneyAubs

    Driving vs bus to parks

    We prefer driving ourselves to the parks when we’re with the kids. Everything is labeled well and it is easy. Just know that when the signs say “_ next right,” it is a very quick transition. Lol My sister prefers to use busses for all transportation. She finds it’s stressful to drive and...
  11. DisneyAubs

    4 Year Old and Not Taking a Stroller???

    I think it depends on your kid. With my oldest, I never would have dreamed of her not having a stroller at that age. Even at 7.5 she will probably need a stroller for portions of the day since we’re going for a full week in the summer heat. My youngest...we could probably get away without a...
  12. DisneyAubs

    Future Nostalgia

    The Great Movie Ride. I had to skip it on our last few trips for various reasons, and I really regret not making it a priority on our last trip.
  13. DisneyAubs

    Tips for WDW when pregnant

    I’ve been to wdw in the dead of summer while pregnant with both of my kids. Second trimester. Count on your feet swelling and pack shoes accordingly. And obviously, as mentioned before, drink plenty of water. On a related note....pay attention to where bathrooms are and stop frequently. Plenty...
  14. DisneyAubs

    What's your "go to", "cannot miss" meal at the world.

    I purposefully try not to repeat meals to experience as much as possible, but my family would revolt if we ever skipped dinner at ‘Ohana!!!
  15. DisneyAubs

    2019 Must have treats each park

    MK: dole whip (no juice) EP: caramel pecan square from karmel küche AK: ice cream samdwich with handscooped ice cream (available in other parks, but I usually get it here for some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️) DHS: 🤔🤔🤔 nothing comes to mind
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